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Form B


Rev: 07/2004


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Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements


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Date: 10/20/04

Discipline/Division: Dance (Dnce)/Humanities



I.   Introductory Statement:       

This discipline is in the Division of the Humanities.  The program explores dance as a performance art form and cultural expression of various societies throughout the world.  It is enhanced by performance opportunities, guest choreographers, conference participation, and other activities sponsored by the UMM Dance Ensemble student organization.


II.  Objectives: The goal of the Dance Program is to help students develop a working knowledge and a conceptual understanding of dance as an art form.  Students are introduced to the cultural roots of dance, the traditions of training for dance performance and the skills necessary for dance performance.  Students interested in pursuing dance may create an area of Concentration or Emphasis by combining these courses with courses from other disciplines.  Dance courses may also be used to obtain Minnesota Teaching Licensure in Dance and Theatre Arts K-12.


III.            Assessment:      


IV. Requirements for a Major:      


V. Requirements for a Minor:      


VI.            Requirements for Teacher Preparation:      


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