Curriculum Committee

Form B


Rev: 07/2004


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Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements


All changes become effective the fall semester following Campus Assembly approval.


Date:      9/17/04

Discipline/Division: English/ Humanities



I.   Introductory Statement:      


II.  Objectives:      


III.            Assessment:      


IV. Requirements for a Major:      

Additional requirements and electives

One course at 2xxx or above other than 2201, 2202, 2211, or 2212. , or one course in Hum 1xxx-4xxx

Five courses at 3xxx or above, including at least one Variable Topics Research Seminar at 4xxx.


V. Requirements for a Minor:      


VI.            Requirements for Teacher Preparation:      


VII. Other heading (include heading title) :      


Cluster: Topics in Writing


ENGL 2104 - Variable Topics in Writing: The Writer as Observer (ART/P; 4 cr; Prereq-1011 or equiv)

A fiction and non-fiction workshop focusing on the observation, description, and analysis of people in interaction.


ENGL 2105 - Variable Topics in Writing: Argumentative Writing and Rhetoric (HUM; 4 cr; Prereq-1011 or equiv)

Exploration of writing that has the specific intent of arguing or persuading. Exploration and evaluation of the historical foundations and practices of argument. Writing assignments focus on specific rhetorical practices.


ENGL 2106 - Topics in Writing: The Environmental Imagination: Reading and Writing about the Natural World

ENGL 2121 – Topics in Writing: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 2151 - Topics in Writing: Writing and Technology

ENGL 2161 - Topics in Writing: News Writing and Reporting


ENGL 4000 - Variable Topics Research Seminar (4 cr; Prereq-1131, two from 2201, 2202, 2211, or 2212, #; see specific topics for general education categories; repeatable when topic changes)

A capstone experience for majors. Research-based study of a literary subject.


Engl 4004 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Old English Literature and Language

Engl 4006 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Poetry and Nature

Engl 4007 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Victorian England and the Literature of Social Change

Engl 4008 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: African American Literature, Culture, Politics, 1890-1914

Engl 4009 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Sexuality and Literature

Engl 4010 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Joseph Conrad

Engl 4011 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Civilized and Savage in American Literature

Engl 4012 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Imagining the Earth

Engl 4013 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Drama of Shakespeare's Contemporaries

Engl 4014 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: The British Imperial Imagination

Engl 4015 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Variable Topics in Language and Literature II: James Joyce

Engl 4016 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Women and the Market in 19th-Century America

Engl 4017 - Variable Topics Research Seminar: Tricksters-Conjurers in Native Amer and Afri Amer Lit

Engl 4018. Research Seminar: American Postmodern Literature

Engl 4019 -  Research Seminar: Rewriting Shakespeare for Film and Stage

Engl 4021. Research Seminar: British Literature of the Fin de Siecle