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Rev: 07/2004


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Curriculum Committee

Form A: Discipline Summary


All changes become effective with the 2005-2007 catalog.


Date: 10/07/04

Discipline/Division: European Studies


Statistical Summary of Proposed Changes:





(b) – (a)




Net Change*

The Major




   Total courses required for a major**:




   Total credits required for a major**:




The Minor




   Total courses required for a minor**:




   Total credits required for a minor**:




General Education




   Total General Education courses:




   Total General Education credits:




Entire Discipline




   Total courses taught in the discipline***:




   Total credits taught in the discipline***:









*"Present" counts are to be taken from the current 2003-2005 catalog and "Proposed" counts from copy for the new 2005-2007 catalog. The "Net Change" may reflect changes made earlier between catalogs.

**Includes required courses from other disciplines. ***Does not include Directed Studies or Senior Honors Projects.



If individual course changes are part of an overall plan for change within the discipline's curriculum,

please summarize the intent of the changes in the space below.



Are there any financial or staffing implications of this proposal? If so, explain.