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Rev: 07/2004


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Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements


All changes become effective the fall semester following Campus Assembly approval.


Date: 9/7/04

Discipline/Division: European Studies



I.          Introductory Statement:

This is an interdisciplinary major under the authority of the vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean. The program is administered by the coordinator of European studies.



II.        Objectives: The purpose of the European studies program is to acquaint students with the culture and society of Europe from the Middle Ages to the present as well as Europe's classical antecedents. The study of modern Europe reflects recent changes in Central/Eastern Europe and Russia. The approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on various fields of study.


III.       Assessment:      


IV. Requirements for a Major:

Major requirements include language proficiency in French, German, or Spanish equivalent to that required for the completion of the course numbered 2002 in the language. (Students planning to pursue advanced courses in French, German, or Spanish should note that proficiency beyond 2002 is sometimes a prerequisite to some of the courses listed below.) Equivalent proficiency in European languages not offered at UMM may also be used to satisfy this requirement.


In addition, 48 credits must be selected from the courses listed below, with a maximum of 16 of the credits in any one discipline.


1.      Students develop a coherent program and a plan of study in consultation with their major advisers. Advisers normally are faculty with a specialty in an appropriate area. Upon approval by the advisers, the program and plan are forwarded to the vice chancellor for academic affairs for information.

2.      Any directed study course for which an instructor is available is acceptable provided the subject matter is appropriate.

3.      The topics courses listed below as well as topics and seminar courses in other disciplines are acceptable provided the subject matter is appropriate.

4.      Students are encouraged to spend a period of time in Europe pursuing conventional coursework, independent studies, or other study abroad programs.

Note: Students planning to major in European studies must register with the vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean.


V.        Requirements for a Minor:


VI.       Requirements for Teacher Preparation:      



VII. Other heading (include heading title) :      


ArtH 1121. Renaissance to Modern Art

ArtH 3131s. Northern Renaissance Art

ArtH 3151s. High Renaissance Art

ArtH 3142s. Art of the Italian Renaissance

ArtH 3161f. 16th-Century European Art

ArtH 3171s. Baroque Art

ArtH 3181f. Rococo to Revolution

ArtH 3201f. 19th-Century European Art through Post-Impressionism

ArtH 3211s. Early Modern Art: Symbolism to Surrealism

ArtH 3281s. Women and Art

ArtH 3xxx  3291. Facing the Past: Portraiture and Social History

Econ 3131f. Comparative Economic Systems

Econ 4121s. International Trade Theory

Engl 2201f. British Literature Survey I

Engl 2202s. British Literature Survey II

Engl 3153f. Gothic Literature.

Engl 3154   20th Century British Fiction

Engl 3155s. English Fiction from Jane Austen to George Eliot

Engl 3156s. Modern Irish Literature

Engl 3157. English Renaissance Drama

Engl 3159s. Shakespeare

Engl 3162. Chaucer

Engl 3162H. Honors: Chaucer

Fren 1302s f. French Cinema

Fren 1303f. Paris as Text/Image/Sound

Fren1304f. French Women Authors in Translation

Fren 3011s. Reading and Analysis of Texts

Fren 3015 3022f. EMS: French Culture I: Medieval and Early Modern France

Fren 3051f. 3023s. EMS: French Literature I: Medieval and Early Modern France

Fren 3071 3024s. EMS: French Fairy Tale and the Fantastic

Fren 3025. EMS: Wonder and the Marvelous

Fren 30163032f. MOS: French Culture II: Modern and Contemporary France

Fren 3052f. 3033s. MOS: French Literature II: Revolution, Romanticism, Modernity

French 3091 3034s. MOS: French Poetry: Survey, Analysis, Creation and Music

Fren 3041s. Francophone Worlds

Fren 3043. FRS: Littˇrature migrante

Fren 4021f. Readers' Theatre French and Francophone Theater

Fren 4991. Independent Study in French Abroad

Ger 3041f. New German Cinema

Ger 3042s. Weimar Film

Ger 3101f. Survey of Grman Literature and Culture I

Ger 3102f. Survey of German Literature and Culture II

Ger 3201s. German Classicism

Ger 3211 3202s. German Romanticism

Ger 3203s. German Modernism

Ger 3300f,s. Variable Topics in German With English Discussion

Ger 3501 (when feasible) WomenÕs Issues in Contemporary German Culture

Ger 3601f. Studies in German Literature 

Hist 3000. Variable Topics in History

Hist 3003s. World War I

Hist 3007. (when feasible) Invention of the university in medieval Europe

Hist 3101. (when feasible) Renaissance and Reformation

Hist 3102. (when feasible) Early Modern Europe to 1750

Hist 3103. (when feasible) Medieval Europe

Hist 3105f. Early Medieval Europe

Hist 3106s. Late Medieval Europe

Hist 3151. (when feasible) Modern Europe

Hist 3154. (when feasible) The Scientific Revolution

Hist 3155. (when feasible) Science, Technology, and Warfare in the 20th Century

Hist 3156. (when feasible) Modern German Intellectual History

Hist 3157. (when feasible) Modern Russian Intellectual History

Hist 3158. (when feasible) Women in Science 1650 – 1950

Hist 3202. (when feasible) Russian Revolution

Hist 3204. (when feasible) Nazi Germany

Hist 3207s. The Crusades

Hist 3208. (when feasible) Modern Britain

Hist 3703. (when feasible) 20th Century European Women

Hist 3704. (when feasible) Women in the Middle Ages

Hist 3706. (when feasible) Women in Early Modern Europe

Hist 3100f. Variable Topics in European History I

Hist 3150f. Variable Topics in European History II

Hist 3200. Variable Topics in European National History

Hum 1000. Variable Topics

Hum 1100. Variable Topics in Western World Literature

Hum 1300. Variable Topics in French Literature and Culture

Hum 3041. New German Cinema

Hum 1451s. 3042. German Literature in  Weimar Film

Mus 1041f,s. Introduction to Music

Mus 3101f. Core Studies III: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Music

Pol 1401f. World Politics

Pol 3352s. Political Thought: Modern

Pol 3421s. International Organizations

Pol 3502f. Government and Politics of Europe

Pol 4301s. Contemporary Political Ideologies

Span 3201f. Masterpieces of Spanish Peninsular Literature I

Span 3202s. Masterpieces of Spanish Peninsular Literature II

Span 3212. Literature and Culture of Spain

Span 3500f. Variable Topics in Spanish Peninsular Literature

Span 3651. Seminar:Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraÕs El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha

Span 3652. Seminar:Literary Minorities in Early Modern Spain

Span 3653. Seminar:Mar’a de Zayas: Literary Violence in Golden Age Spain

Span 3654. Seminar:Sex, Love and Marriage in Golden Age Spanish Literature

Span 3671. Seminar:Origins of the Spanish Character

Span 3672. Seminar:Reform in Spain: The Saint and the Journalist

Span 3681. Seminar:Romanticism and Revolution in 19th Century Spain

Span 3682. Seminar:Realism and Reform in 19th Century Spain

Span 3683. Seminar:Modernity and Identity in Spain: 1900-1930

Span 4001. Research Symposium

Spch 3411f. Intercultural Communication Theory and Research

Th 3000f. Variable Topics in Theatre Arts

Th 3101f. World Theatre: History and Literature I 

Th 3102s. World Theatre: History and Literature II