Curriculum Committee

Form B


Rev: 07/2004


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Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements


All changes become effective the fall semester following Campus Assembly approval.


Date:                             September 20, 2004

Discipline/Division:   History



I.   Introductory Statement:  


This discipline is in the Division of Social Sciences. 


II.  Objectives:

The history curriculum is designed to introduce students to the study of the human past. Students majoring in history learn to approach decision-making with an awareness of a broad range of choices; learn to think critically and communicate their ideas effectively; integrate their academic study with their intellectual and moral maturation; understand the construction of historical knowledge; and learn how to learn. The curriculum emphasizes the role of the student as an active learner and encourages individualized learning experiences, including those outside of established coursework, and the development of close working relationships between students and faculty.


III.            Assessment:      


IV. Requirements for a Major:

Students should develop a coherent program of study in consultation with their major adviser. The student and adviser must meet to plan the student's course of study and ensure that the major encompasses breadth across regions and time periods. The student's plan must involve at least one western and one non-western course. The student must bring a list of history courses completed and ongoing.

When the student applies for graduation the student and adviser must meet:

The adviser must keep a record of this meeting.

Hist 1101—Introduction to World History to 1500
Hist 1102—Introduction to World History Since 1500
Hist 4110-4120—Tutorial in History
28 additional credits in Hist courses

Courses with grades of D may not be used to meet the major requirements.


V. Requirements for a Minor:

Minor requirements include Hist 1101 or 1102 and four additional courses of which at least three are at 2xxx or higher. There should be evidence of work in at least two geographic areas, with at least one of these in a non-Western area.


Courses with grades of D may not be used to meet the minor requirements.


VI.            Requirements for Teacher Preparation:

Students seeking teaching licensure in social studies 5-12 should refer to the Education, Secondary (SeEd) section of this catalog.



VII. Other heading (include heading title) :