Curriculum Committee

Form B


Rev: 07/2004


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University of Minnesota, Morris


Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements


All changes become effective the fall semester following Campus Assembly approval.


Date: 9/7/04

Discipline/Division: Music



I.         Introductory Statement:



II.        Objectives:



III.            Assessment:      


IV. Requirements for a Major:

7 enrollments in Mus 0100—Concert Attendance


Core Studies I

Mus 1101—Music Theory I

Mus 1102—Music Theory II


Core Studies II

Mus 2101—Advanced Music Theory III

Mus 2102—Advanced Music Theory IV


Core Studies III

Mus 3101—Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Music

Mus 3102—Classical, Romantic, and 20th-Century Music

7 credits in Individual Performance Studies in the major area (Mus 1046, Class Voice, fulfills the requirement for one semester of voice lessons), of which a minimum of two semesters must be in the Mus 3200—Advanced Individual Performance Studies series

Mus 4901—Senior Project

Piano proficiency

6 additional credits in Mus courses at 3xxx or above


Courses with grades of D may not be used to meet the major requirements. Required courses may not be taken S-N except where noted.


V.        Requirements for a Minor:



VI.            Requirements for Teacher Preparation:      



VII. Other heading (include heading title) :