Memo to Executive Committee


During the September 24, 2004 meeting of the Curriculum Committee, the committee voted to abolish Provision V of the General Education Requirements.  Provision V reads as follows:


In the description of each major, there will be a statement about how students majoring in that area formally acquire computing and writing skills. Students should contact their faculty adviser for current information.


Since adopting this provision the campus has never complied with its requirements.  At present less than a handful of disciplines include this information in the catalog copy.  While nearly all disciplines filed statements with the Dean's Office in 1998, these were never placed in the Catalog.  Rather than enforce the provision and require all disciplines to revise their statements in light of the passage of time, the committee felt it better to abolish the provision.  The placement of this information in the catalog was not felt to be of particular use to the students, other than to notify them that the acquisition of writing skills and computing skills was a conscious part of each discipline.


As a result, the Curriculum Committee unanimously voted to abolish Provision V.

John F. Schwaller

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean