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PSY 3541


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Subject: PSY

Catalog Number: 3541

Effective Date: 2005-01-18 - Spring 2005                            Effective Status: A - Active

Course Title Abbr: Cultural & Cross-Cultural Psy

Course Title Long: Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology


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Units Minimum: 2.0                                                                         Grading Basis: OPT - Student Option

Units Maximum: 2.0                                                            Course Repeatable: N

Units Acad Prog: 2.0                                                             Total Units Allowed: 0.0

Units Finaid Prog: 2.0                                                          Total Completions Allowed: 0

Component1: SEM - Seminar                                               Final Exam1: Y

Catalog Description:

Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of human psychological diversity and cultural differences in psychological functioning. Topics may include: the cultural psychology of the self, emotions, cognition & morality; cross-cultural human development; culture and mental health; the history of cultural/cross-cultural psychology; the indigenous psychology movement, and; African American, Latino and Native American psychologies.


Semester Prerequisite:

Psy 2001, and 3302 or 3313 or 3401 or 3402 or 3403 or 3501 or 3521, or #


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Faculty Sponsor: Andrew Hostetler


Rationale: This course will provide students with an in-depth exploration of a select number of important topics in cultural and cross-cultural psychology. Employing a seminar structure, the course will emphasize discussion and the close-reading of primary sources, and will expose students to a range of interdisciplinary perspectives and methods employed in the study of the relationship between culture and mind.


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Assessment/Goals: Student will become familiar with a variety of theories and methods in cultural psychology through an in-depth examination of small number of specific topics. Students will learn to decipher and analyze primary source materials. Assessment of student progress will be gauged by brief reading response papers, a class presentation and final seminar paper, and class participation.


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