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Multiple Course Revisions


Rev: 07/2004

University of Minnesota, Morris


Multiple Course Revisions





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Date: 9/19/04

Discipline: Spanish

Curriculum Committee Approval Date:

Course Revision #5

Give complete UMM catalog entry (deletions in strikethru font, additions underlined)(see instructions)

SPAN 2002 - Intermediate Spanish II (IP)
(4.0 cr; Prereq-2001 or placement or #; spring, every year)
Review and building of skills in more complex language structures, tenses, and moods. Students should demonstrate the ability to: read with some basic literary analysis and analyze cultural differences; read out loud with understanding, speak in emotive and persuasive language contexts, hold conversations, speak extemporaneously on assigned topics; write analytically and accurately at the short paper level; comprehend short dialogues and paragraphs. Continuation of the sequence beginning with 2001.


Rationale (see instructions): Revised and updated course description.


Course Revision #6

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SPAN 1051 2101- Variable Topics in Associated Languages: Intro to Language and Culture of Portuguese Speaking People Intensive Portuguese (IP; 2.4.0 cr; Prereq: Span 2002, Fren 2002 or instructor's permission)

Study of the basic skills of Portuguese (reading, speaking, writing, listening) and the cultural contexts of the Portuguese-speaking world, principally Brazil. Intensive, accelerated study of the basic skills of Brazilian Portuguese (reading, writing, listening and speaking) with the emphasis being on oral competency.


Rationale (see instructions): The change in the course title more accurately reflects the actual content of the course, and the new course number is due to program re-structuring. This course meets a long-recognized desire on the part of Spanish and Latin American Area Studies programs for Portuguese instruction at UMM, a desire most often met by way of directed study or through Continuing Education. With rare exception, students who have requested to study Portuguese have generally been either Spanish or LAAS majors. The prerequisite of Spanish 2002 or French 2002 will ensure that enrolled students possess enough knowledge of a romance language to be able to take full advantage of and benefit from the accelerated nature of this course. At the present time, this one semester course will NOT fulfill the foreign language requirement.


Course Revision #7

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SPAN 3001Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation I (IP; 4.0 cr; Prereq-2002 or #; fall, every year)
Study of complex language structures, expansion and reinforcement of grammar constructions and analysis of literary and/or cultural readings. Students should demonstrate the ability to: carefully read, comprehend, and analyze literary works and/or cultural readings; discuss motives and themes in such works, read out loud with proficiency and meaning, hold sustained conversations; use correct grammar to write and present compositions analyzing the works; comprehend main points in Scola televised presentations and materials.  Further review of the four skills in Spanish, with emphasis on: 1)development of greater competence and confidence in conversational Spanish; 2)greater precision and sophistication in written communication; and 3)analytical proficiency in reading selections from diverse literary and cultural contexts.


Rationale (see instructions): Change in title and updated description to better reflect course content and goals.