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Multiple Course Revisions


Rev: 07/2004

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Multiple Course Revisions





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Date: October 24, 2006

Discipline: Interdisciplinary Studies/Continuing Education, Regional Programs and Summer Session

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IS 1038 - CE: Talking About a Revolution: Dissent and Freedom of Expression in Today's World (E/CR)
(2.0 cr; S-N only, Prereq admission to Summer Scholars program; summer, every year)
Examination of the evolution and current nature of dissent and free expression in the United States. Analysis of forms of dissent, legal definitions, acceptable or protected dissent, governmental response to dissent, and the impact of forces such as geography, language, and technology on dissent. Emphasis on the way contexts (national, legal, historical) shape expression and responses to it.

Rationale (see instructions):  Distinguish course as open to Summer Scholars students only (summer program for high school students)