Curriculum Committee

Form B


Rev: 04/2005


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Curriculum Committee Form B:

Discipline Objectives and Requirements



Show the complete text of any section being changed with additions underlined and deletions in strikethrough font. If no changes are being proposed in a section, indicate "no change" in that section.


All changes become effective the fall semester following Campus Assembly approval.



Date:  9/21/06

Discipline/Division:  French / Humanities



I.     Introductory Statement: 

No change



II.   Objectives:

No change



III.  Assessment of the Major – How do proposed curricular changes affect the assessment of the goals and objectives of the major?:

No change



IV. Requirements for a Major:

Fren 2001—Intermediate French I

Fren 2002—Intermediate French II

Fren 3001—Conversation and Composition

Fren 3011—Reading and Analysis of Texts

One course from the Early Modern Studies cluster  (marked with an EMS designator)

One course from the Modern Studies cluster (marked with an MOS designator), or Fren 1302, Fren 1303 or Fren 1304

One course from the Francophone Studies cluster (marked with an FRS designator), or Fren 1311

Fren 4901—Senior Seminar

A minimum of 8 additional credits from Fren courses at 3xxx or above. (Students can select elective courses from any clustered or non-clustered courses at the 3xxx level or above).


Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad, but should also plan to complete a significant amount of course work in French at UMM. Up to 9 credits for one semester abroad or 16 credits for a year abroad may count towards the French major. Transfer students may apply up to 9 credits from another institution towards the French major. Students who wish to apply both transfer and study abroad credits to the French major must petition the French faculty for approval. Decisions will be made on an individual basis.


Fren 4901 must be taken on campus and the final seminar presentation must be given in French. One cross-listed French course taught in English (such as Fren 1302, 1303, 1304, or 1311) may be counted toward the major, provided that students complete written work for the class in French. Courses with grades of D or S/N may not be used to meet the major requirements. Students majoring in French are encouraged to take at least one year of instruction in another foreign language.





V.    Requirements for a Minor:

        No change



VI.  Requirements for Teacher Preparation:

        No change



VII. Cluster Headings:

        No change



VIII. Other heading (include heading title) :

        No change