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Multiple Course Revisions


Rev: 07/2004

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Multiple Course Revisions





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Date:                September 20, 2006

Discipline:       Geography

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GEOG 3251f.  The Politics of Claiming and Reclaiming Space (ENVT; 4 cr; prereq-soph or higher; 2001) 
Examination of conflicts from around the world arising from such issues as race, gender, sexuality, colonialism, neo-colonialism, gentrification, globalization, and environmental protection as they manifest themselves in contestations over space. Focus on how these political struggles over space—who owns it, who controls it, who defines it, how it's organized, what purpose it serves, etc.—are linked to social, cultural, and economic processes. Using case studies, the variety of ways that space is contested and how space is central to political conflict are explored.



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