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Curriculum Change Proposals for February 27, 2012 Assembly Meeting

Click on the course number or form title in the first column of the tables below to view a proposal in PDF format.  Check individual forms for the effective date of a particular change.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Darla Peterson (ext. 6015 or e-mail or Nancy Helsper (ext. 6012 or e-mail

Memo presenting a summary of curriculum change proposals from the Curriculum Committee for the November 30, 2011 meeting of Campus Assembly:

Summary of Curricular Proposals and Votes

Course/Form and Action

Meeting Date


Feb. 13

New Courses:

ARTH 4810—Practicum in Art History Pedagogy (1-4 cr)

CMR 2431—International Communication Competence (IP; 2 cr) [Same as LANG 2431]

ENGL 3167—Studies in Contemporary British and Anglophone Literature (HUM; 4 cr)

ENGL 3414—Feminist Theory (HDIV; 4 cr) [ Same as GWSS 3414]

ENGL 4033—Research Seminar: Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, and J. Saunders Redding (HDIV; 4 cr)

FREN 3605—FRS: Le Cinema du Maghreb (IP; 4 cr)

LANG 2431—International Communication Competence (IP; 2 cr) [ Same as CMR 2431]

LAT 1001—Beginning Latin I (4 cr)

LAT 1002—Beginning Latin II (FL; 4 cr)

MUS 1301—Chamber Winds (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1331—Brass Ensemble (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1321—Chamber Choir (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1801—Introduction to American Popular Music (IC; 4 cr)

Revised Courses

ASL 1001—Beginning Sign Language I (4 cr)

ASL 1002—Beginning Sign Language II (FL; 4 cr)

ENGL 1001—Fundamentals of Writing I (4 cr)

ENGL 2022—Sports Literature and Writing (ART/P; 4 cr)

ENGL 2501—Literary Studies (HUM; 4 cr)

ENGL 3142—The Rise of the Novel (HUM; 4 cr)

GWSS 3414—Feminist Theory (HDIV; 4 cr) [Same as ENGL 3414]

MUS 1049—Introduction to American Popular Music (HUM; 4 cr)

MUS 1070—Instrumental Chamber Ensemble (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1080—Jazz Combo (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1090—Vocal Chamber Ensemble (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1101—Core Studies I: Music Theory I (M/SR; 4 cr)

MUS 1102—Core Studies I: Music Theory II (M/SR; 4 cr)

MUS 1300—UMM Symphonic Winds (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1310—University Choir (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1320—Concert Choir (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1330—Jazz Ensemble (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1340—Orchestra (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 1370—Chamber Orchestra (ART/P; 1 cr)

MUS 2101—Core Studies II: Music Theory III (HUM; 4 cr)

MUS 2102—Core Studies II: Music Theory IV (HUM; 4 cr)

MUS 4101—Form and Analysis (4 cr)

MUS 4102—Counterpoint (FA; 4 cr)

MUS 4103—Seminar: Topics in Music History (HIST; 4 cr)

Deactivated Course

ENGL 1002—Fundamentals of Writing II (CW; 4 cr)

Feb. 13

New Courses:

IS 1807—Drugged Society: Humanity’s Long-term Relationship with Mind-altering Substances (IC; 2 cr)

IS 1808—Agents and Agency: Modeling Emergence in the Social Sciences (IC; 2 cr)

Feb. 06

New Courses:

AMIN/HIST 1701—Global Indigenous History (HIST; 4 cr)

ANTH 1812—Human Societies: Past and Present, Fact and Fiction (IC; 4 cr)

ANTH 2202—Men and Masculinities (SS; 4 cr)

ANTH 2605—Anthropology of Globalization (SS; 4 cr)

ANTH 3352—Representation and Power in Contemporary China (SS; 4 cr)

HIST 1815—Women in the American West (IC; 4 cr)

HIST 1816—Explaining the Inexplicable: 20th Century Genocides (IC; 2 cr)

SOC 1813—Political Economy of “Natural” Disaster (IC; 2 cr)

New Courses (provisionally approved):

HIST 1813—World Indigenous History (IC; 4 cr)

HIST 2451—The American West (HIST; 4 cr)