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UMM Calendar 2013-14 Proposals, for May 5, 2009 Assembly Meeting

UMM Curriculum Change Proposals for May 5, 2009 Assembly Meeting

Click on the course number or form title in the first column of the tables below to view a proposal in PDF format.  Check individual forms for the effective date of a particular change.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Darla Peterson (ext. 6015 or e-mail or Nancy Helsper (ext. 6012 or e-mail

Memo presenting a summary of curriculum change proposals from the Curriculum Committee for the May 5, 2009 meeting of Campus Assembly:

Summary of Curricular Proposals and Votes

Course/Form and Action

Meeting Date



Revised Course:

Anth 2101--Physical Anthropology (Sci-L; 4 cr)
Rationale: Students can now register for the lab and auto-enroll in the lecture.

Program Changes:

Anthropology Major (B.A.) and Minor

Liberal Arts for the Human Services Major (B.A.)

Social Science Major (B.A.)
    Anthropology Sub-plan
    Sociology Sub-Plan
    Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Sub-plan

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Major (B.A.) and Minor

Rationale: Include previously approved course changes (adding new sociology electives Soc 3103, 3112, and 3403, and deleting inactive courses Soc 3101, 3102, 3401, and 3402) to the programs listed.

Jan. 8

April 1



New Course:

CMR 3122--Rhetoric of Picture Books, Prose and Picture (Hum; 4 cr)
Rationale: Adding this class gives students an opportunity to take another advanced class in rhetoric.

Jan. 28


Revised Course:

LAAS 3100--Contemporary Latin America (1 cr)
Rationale: Changing the maximum credits to 8 accommocates students who declare a LAAS major in their freshman year.


Jan. 28