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UMM Curriculum Change Proposals for May 5, 2010 Assembly Meeting

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MEMO TO: Jacquie Johnson, Chair, Executive Committee

FROM: Cheryl Contant, Curriculum Committee

SUBJECT: Intellectual Community (IC) Slate of Courses for Information

The Curriculum Committee presents (For Information) the enclosed list of IC courses for fall 2010 at the May 5, 2010 meeting of the Campus Assembly.

On March 3, 2010, the Campus Assembly approved the Intellectual Community (IC): First-Year Experience Curricular Component proposal. At the April 7, 2010 meeting of the Curriculum Committee, the slate of IC courses was approved. As approved in last Assembly, these courses have been provisionally approved for inclusion in the fall 2010 course schedule. Regular approval will take place with the catalog course revisions in the fall.