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Curriculum Change Proposals for November 30, 2011 Assembly Meeting

Click on the course number or form title in the first column of the tables below to view a proposal in PDF format.  Check individual forms for the effective date of a particular change.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Darla Peterson (ext. 6015 or e-mail or Nancy Helsper (ext. 6012 or e-mail

Memo presenting a summary of curriculum change proposals from the Curriculum Committee for the November 30, 2011 meeting of Campus Assembly:

Summary of Curricular Proposals and Votes

Course/Form and Action

Meeting Date



New Courses (provisionally approved):

Ed 2221—Diversity and Identity in Literature
and Film (HDiv; 4 cr)

Rationale: This course is a new course offering,
designed to meet a general education designator of
HDiv (Human Diversity). It is not required by
teacher education programs or other majors. It
offers a survey of key concepts in diversity
research. The course also explores identity and
representation, in literature and film texts. This is a
hybrid course (50% traditional class meetings and
50% internet activities).

SSA 2501—Sports in Media I (SS; 2 cr)

SSA 2502—Sports in Media II (SS; 2 cr)

Rationale: These two courses are relevant to the
sport management major and to those interested in
sport studies. They have no prerequisites and are
not a requirement for the sport management
major. Students are allowed to take either course
without the other.

Oct. 24





Revised Course:
Mus 2302—Instrumental Techniques-Brass

New Course:
Mus 2305—Instrumental Techniques-
Percussion (1

Rationale: The original course previously covered
both the brass and percussion instrument families
and is being separated into two courses that will be

Oct. 24



New Course (provisionally approved):

Biol 4103—Cancer Biology (Sci; 4 cr)

Rationale: Students have voiced enthusiasm for
this course. It is a 4xxx-level elective course that
enriches the options for pre-professional majors. It
may or may not be offered annually, depending on

Oct. 24


New Courses (provisionally approved):

Hist 3360—American Experience in World War
II (Hist; 4 cr)

Rationale: This is a new course taught by a new
tenure-track faculty member. The purpose of this
class is to challenge students to grapple with the
historic origins and legacies of the war.

Hist 3463—America's National Landmarks
(Hist; 4 cr)

Rationale: This is a new course taught by a new
faculty member. This class draws conclusions as to
how landmarks shape the publicís views and
understanding of the intersections among
environment, race, and gender in American history.

Revised Course:

Psy 2411—Introduction to Lifespan
Developmental Psychology (SS; 1 cr)

Rationale: The last sentence in the course
description has been removed. The current
members of the psychology faculty feel these
statements are no longer necessary. A different
faculty member will be teaching this course in the

Nov. 07




New Course:

IS 3991H—Honors Co-Curricular Independent
Study (1-2 cr)

Rationale: Two of the eight elective credits for
Honors may be completed by writing an
interdisciplinary paper related to co-curricular
engagement, such as an internship or study abroad
experience. This course will facilitate the process.

Nov. 14