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Curriculum Change Proposals for October 29, 2013 Assembly Meeting

Click on the "Summary and detail for all course proposals identified below" link to view all course proposals in PDF format.  Check individual forms for the effective date of a particular change.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Darla Peterson (ext. 6015 or email or Nancy Helsper (ext. 6012 or email

Summary of Votes and Detail of Curricular Proposals (PDF)

Program/Course/Form and Action

Meeting Date


Education Division

ED 2301—Environmental Science and Place-Based Education (Envt, 4 cr) — Inactivate Course

Sept. 16


Science and Mathematics Division

Biol 4231—Immunology (4 cr) — New course

CHEM 3801—History of Chemistry (Sci, 4 cr)
Inactivate course

CHEM 4354—Biochemistry of Neurological Disorders (4 cr) — New course

Oct. 14


Social Sciences Division

HIST 3451—Facing West (HDiv, 4 cr) — Inactivate course

Oct. 14