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Degree Requirements--Common Experience/First-Year Seminar


October 26, 2000

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I. Introductory Statement:

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Bachelor of Arts Degree at UMM

Requirements for the bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree of the University of Minnesota, Morris consist of two parts, general education and the major. General education, in turn, consists of three parts: The Common Experience First Year Seminar, Skills for the Liberal Arts, and Expanding Perspectives. First-semester freshmen are required to have The Common Experience First Year Seminar. All students must meet the requirements listed in Skills for the Liberal Arts and in Expanding Perspectives. The major is a field of specialization whose requirements are specified by faculty in that discipline or academic area.


Degree Requirements

1. General Education Requirements

(60 credits)

Provision i

UMM courses designated as appropriate for meeting general education requirements are those which, if passed successfully, demonstrate the student’s competency in a given skill or area.


Note: The designation following each category below, e.g., CE for The Common Experience FYS for First Year Seminar, appears at the beginning of the parenthetical information for each course that is appropriate for that category.

I. The Common Experience (CEFirst Year Seminar (FYS) —One 2-credit course.

II. Skills for the Liberal Arts—One to five courses.*


A. College Writing (CW)—One course.*

B. Foreign Language (FL)—Two courses.*

C. Mathematical/Symbolic Reasoning (M/SR)—One course.*

D. Artistic Performance (ArtP)—One course.


III. Expanding Perspectives—Eight courses of at least 2 credits each.

A. Historical Perspectives (Hist)—One course.

B. Human Behavior, Social Processes and Institutions (SS)—One course.

C. Communication, Language, Literature, and Philosophy (Hum)—One course.

D. Fine Arts (FA)—One course.

E. Physical and Biological Sciences (Sci—without lab; Sci-L—with lab)— Two courses, one with lab.

F. The Global Village—Two courses, one from each of two areas.

1. Human Diversity (HDiv)

2. People and the Environment (Envt)

3. International Perspective (IP)

4. Ethical and Civic Responsibility (E/CR)

*This requirement may be reduced or eliminated through exemption.

Provisions ii through v


Goals of the General Education Requirements

  1. The Common Experience First Year Seminar: First-year seminar aims not only to teach students to think critically and to assess sources of information, but also to help students to become aware of the lenses through which they perceive and to recognize that their perceptions are not universal.


II. Objectives:


III. Assessment:


IV. Requirements for a Major:


V. Requirements for a Minor:


VI. Requirements for Teacher Preparation:


VII. Other heading (include heading title) :