Education Programs

(See Education [Ed]; Education, Elementary [ElEd]; Education, Secondary [SeEd]; and Wellness and Sport Science [WSS].)

UMM offers all students the opportunity to study education and its role in society. Courses with the "Ed" designator meet general education requirements, and enrollment in these courses is open and not limited to students pursuing teaching licensure.

The Division of Education offers a major and teaching licensure in elementary education (K-6) with specialty licensures in preprimary, middle level communication arts and literature, middle level mathematics, middle level science, and middle level social studies. Licensure of secondary school teachers (7-12) is offered for majors in studio art, earth science (geology), English, French, German, life science (biology), mathematics, music, physical science (chemistry, physics), social science, Spanish, speech communication, speech-theatre, and theatre arts; business (5-12), chemistry (5-12), communication arts & literature (5-12), dance & theatre arts (K-12), earth and space science (5-12), French (K-12), German (K-12), instrumental music (K-12), life science (5-12), mathematics (5-12), physics (5-12), social studies (5-12), Spanish (K-12), visual arts (K-12), and vocal music (K-12). and for minors in chemistry, earth science (geology), French, German, life science (biology), mathematics, physics, Spanish, speech communication, and theatre arts. Students may elect to complete Ccoursework leading to endorsement for head varsity coaches in Minnesota is also offered.

Teacher education at UMM is part of the lifelong development of an effective teacher that includes an individual’s study of liberal arts disciplines and pedagogy, teaching, and other life experiences. UMM’s teacher education program is based on a belief that a successful teacher is one who reflects on teaching and makes instructional decisions that encourage ensure student reflection and learning.

Teacher education at UMM uses personalized instruction and opportunities for student teaching within and outside the United States to prepare teachers who can employ human, technological, and other resources in the effective instruction of diverse populations of learners. The program introduces prospective teachers to the teaching profession and prepares them to demonstrate:

1) knowledge of themselves and of learners,; liberal arts disciplines,; and diverse social organizations and societies, including non-Western cultures,; human growth and development,; communication and language,; problem solving,; and effective teaching and learning;

2) skill in all aspects of the teaching act, including setting objectives; choosing content, materials, and instructional activities; teaching; and evaluating oneself, the teaching process, and the outcomes of learning;

3) dispositions associated with effective teaching and the assessment of oneself in relation to learners and learning;

4) leadership when confronting educational issues.

Admission requirements must be met and admission granted before students can enroll in courses in either the elementary or secondary teacher education programs. These admission requirements are set by UMM and the state of Minnesota. They are described under "Admission to the Major" in the "Education, Elementary (ElEd)" section and "Admission to the Program" in the "Education, Secondary (SeEd)" section of this bulletin. Neither the elementary nor the secondary education program can be completed in one year.