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Mgmt 3133 f. Managerial Accounting. (4cr; QP--1212; SP—2102) Managerial accounting is designed to help managers assess needed information to carry out three essential functions in an organization: planning operations, controlling activities, and making decisions. The emphasis of this course is placed on cost behaviors, various product costing methods, cost-volume-profit relationships, budgeting and control through standard costs, and other quantitative techniques used by management.

II. Rationale (see instructions):

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with various accounting tools that are essential in a decision-making process that leads to the successful operation of an organization.

(This course is to replace the two 2 credit Managerial Accounting courses (Mgmt 3131 and Mgmt 3132). The material does not lend it self well to two separate courses in that the second course (Mgmt 3132) cannot be taken without having taken the first course (Mgmt 3131). One needs the information of both courses to say the objectives of Managerial Accounting have been adequately covered.)

III. Other Course Information

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Fall, 2001

Principal Faculty Sponsor(s):

Joan Reicosky

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Mgmt 3213

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The goals of this course are: identify the role of accounting in a decision-making process, relate accounting information to other management courses, and illustrate and practice various accounting tools used in a decision

How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?

Students will do a series of accounting problems that illustrate the various tools discussed. Class discussion/presentations and written assignments will relate material to various other management courses. There will be examinations over the total classroom material.

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