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Mgmt 4200 Variable Topics in Managerial Economics. (SS;2.0-4.0 cr; reapeatable when topic changes;SP-Mgmt 2101, Econ 1111,1112, Math 1101,1601 or #; see specific topics for general education categories; repeatable when topic changes; offered when feasible). Topic(s) to be announced.

II. Rationale (see instructions):

Will cover one or more central topics in the application of economic theory and analysis to the problems of management. Some basic tools of microeconomic analysis will be developed (such as models of consumer and producer behavior, cost and production analysis, game theory and strategic reasoning, principal-agent theory, and the like), and then these will be applied to a selection of fundamental management tasks, such as demand estimation and pricing, output decisions, design of compensation systems, make-or-buy decisions, strategic positioning of the firm, analysis of real capital investments, etc. Replaces Mgmt 3121 and 3122, Managerial Economics I and II. Switching to this course will allow flexibility with initial course offerings due to staffing changes, will facilitate the development of new course content in the economics of management, and will help to gauge student interest before formal introduction into the bulletin.

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IV. Assessment Information

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To provide students with a selected and targeted exposure to the development and use of microeconomic tools in the analysis of management problems.

How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?

Will vary with topic and instructor. Will normally include homework problem sets and examinations.

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