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Mgmt 4500.Variable Topics in Global Business. (IP;2-4cr;repeatable when topic changes; SP-Mgmt 3601or #)

Study of broad epochal changes surrounding the structure, institutional dynamics, and organizational adaptation and challenges of global business. Possible topics include the globalization process, skill formation and global technological change, global labor relations, global oil and energy, child labor and global business, environmental standards and global business, global financial crises, sweatshops and global business, competitive struggle and global business strategy, and business ethics across the global economy.

II. Rationale (see instructions):

To be able to focus on a specific and significant topic within the global business and to develop a further understanding of a segment of global business.

III. Other Course Information

First semester to be offered:

Spring 2002

Principal Faculty Sponsor(s):

Cyrus Bina

Is course repeatable? (if yes, give max cr)

2 – 4 credits, repeatable when topic changes

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IV. Assessment Information

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To provide deeper understanding of a particular aspect of global business.

How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?

Regular lectures/seminar format (?)/written project and oral presentation/exams and /or any other feedback process.

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