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Political Science

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Pol 3453s. Variable Topics in International Relations: Russian Politics and Foreign Policy. (IP; 4cr; QP-1400; SP-1401; or #)

Domestic and foreign policies of the former Soviet Union from the Bolshevik Revolution to the present. Topics covered include the nature of the Soviet empire, the implosion of the Soviet Union, Russian Federalism, democratic and market reforms, ethnic conflicts, nuclear strategy, military policy, and diplomatic style.

II. Rationale (see instructions):

This new course is made possible by the addition of a new tenure-line faculty member in Political Science with expertise in Comparative Politics. Some course swapping with the existing international relations courses was possible due to overlapping subject expertise of our faculty.

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Spring 2002

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Seung-Ho Joo

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The course is designed to introduce students to the literature of Russian politics and foreign policy.

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Students will be given predominantly essay exams approximately three times during the semester that measure their ability to understand and analyze the assigned readings. They will also be required to complete a paper that demonstrates their understanding of the material.

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