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Psy 3521. Health Psychology. (SS; 4 cr; prereq 1051 or both 1101 and 1102)

Health implications of interactions among behavioral, environmental, and physiological states. Physiological bases of behavior and health; stress and coping; behavioral antecedents of disease; psychoneuroimmunology; disease prevention and health promotion.

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This course reflects an important field in psychology that was part of the curriculum under quarters. We are now able to re-introduce the course through re-distribution of teaching responsibilities in the discipline.


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Spring 2003

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Jeff Ratliff-Crain

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Psy 3535

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Students will gain understanding of 1) the interactions between psychological processes and physical health; 2) barriers and processes related to health promotion and disease prevention; 3) research on the causes and effects of stress; 4) psychological issues related to coping effectiveness.


How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?


1) Primarily through course examinations, which will include testing of factual information and application of issues. 2) Students will present applied knowledge through class presentations and written materials.


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