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African American Studies minor




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    I.      Introductory Statement:

This is an interdisciplinary minor under the authority of the vice chancellor for academic affairs and dean. The program is administered by the coordinator of African American Studies.


African American experience and culture are central to American experience and culture, and an understanding of the latter is incomplete without an understanding of the former. The African American Studies minor is designed to allow students of all racial and ethnic identities both to concentrate on African American issues and to integrate their understanding of those issues into the broader context of American and African history and culture. The minor offers an interdisciplinary and interdivisional curriculum that enables students to explore a variety of intellectual approaches and to make methodological and thematic connections and comparisons among those several approaches.


  II.      Objectives:

The objectives of the African American Studies minor are (1) to familiarize students with the variety, depth, and significance of African Americans’ contributions to American culture; (2) to enable students to see and appreciate the many African American points of view of history, society, politics, literature, art, and music; (3) to help students connect the African American experience to the broader context of Africa and the African diaspora; (4) to develop students’ understanding of the nature of race and the dynamics of race and racism particularly in the United States; and (5) to give students a grasp of some of the methodological and intellectual approaches to a broad and multifaceted area of study.


III.      Assessment:

Each instructor will grade students independently in her/his courses, using exams, term papers, class presentations, class discussion, or any other evaluative tool that the instructor chooses to use.


IV.      Requirements for a Major:



  V.      Requirements for a Minor:

Students are required to take a minimum of six courses in at least three different disciplines. At least four of the six courses must be devoted primarily to African American content. As many as two of the six courses may deal in part with African American content. Courses in which a student earns a D or lower do not count toward the minor.

VI.      Requirements for Teacher Preparation:



VII.      Other heading (include heading title) :

Statement on resources, administration, and faculty commitment.


The African American Studies minor consists entirely of courses that are already a part of (or will independently become part of) the offerings of the disciplines involved. In other words, the minor will not require any new resources, nor will it require faculty to take on overloads.


The African American Studies faculty will meet at least once a semester (more often if necessary) to discuss policy, curricular issues, and administration of the program.


There will be a program coordinator whose tasks will include representing the program to the campus community, advising students, setting the agendas of the faculty meetings (with input from all involved), and convening those meetings.


The administrator will be chosen consensus of the Program faculty and will serve a two-year term.




Submitted by: Bert Ahern, Susan Bernardin, Debra Blake, Vicky Demos, Joel Eisinger, Solomon Gashaw, Albert Matongo, Gretchen Murphy, Paula O’Loughlin, Clifford Panton