October 30, 2002


TO:                 John Schwaller, Chair, Curriculum Committee and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean


FROM:           Thomas McRoberts, Associate Director, Continuing Education, Regional Programs and Summer Session


SUBJECT:      Continuing Education Courses, New UMM Catalog


In response to the Curriculum Committee's request, here are the Continuing Education courses that we propose to continue listing in the UMM Catalog, 2003-05. All are currently approved. They appear under Interdisciplinary Studies and then in selected specific disciplines: studio art, education, geology, music, and wellness and sports science. There are no changes being made to any of these courses. I have consulted with each of the division chairs about the CE courses housed in their division.


ArtS (Studio Arts):

ArtS—1039 CE: Ceramics I

ArtS—1040 CE: Ceramics II

ArtS—1500 CE: Beginning Photography


Ed (Education):

Ed 1011—CE: Beginning Sign Language I

Ed 1012—CE: Beginning Sign Language II

Ed 2011—CE: Intermediate Sign Language I

Ed 2012—CE: Intermediate Sign Language II

Ed 1111—CE: Introduction to Deaf Education


Geol (Geology):

Geol 2301—CE: Geology of Minnesota


IS (Interdisciplinary Studies):

IS 1301—CE: Dakota Language I

IS 1302—CE: Dakota Language II

IS 2011—CE: English Language Teaching Assistant Program


Mus (Music):

Mus 3051—CE: Piano Pedagogy I

Mus 3052—CE: Piano Pedagogy II


WSS (Wellness and Sports Science):

WSS 1301—CE: Beginning Karate

WSS 1302—CE: Advanced Karate

WSS 1321—CE: Beginning Modern Dance/Ballet

WSS 1322—CE: Intermediate Ballet

WSS 1331—CE: Beginning Modern/Jazz Dance

WSS 1332—CE: Intermediate Jazz Dance

WSS 1333—CE: Intermediate Modern Dance

WSS 2301—CE: Dance Production


We do propose to add two other courses (already approved) under Interdisciplinary Studies to the new catalogue. Both will be offered more than once over the life of the next catalogue and both are intended primarily for UMM students. Those courses are:


IS 1041—CE: Health Services Terminology

IS 3110—CE: Rural Community Field Project - Center for Small Towns


As you know, there are a host of other CE courses that are approved, but do not appear in the UMM catalog. For example, under Interdisciplinary Studies these current CE courses fall in that category:


            IS 1033—CE: Growing Up American (Summer Scholars)

            IS 1035—CE Human Reproduction & Biotechnology (Summer Scholars)

            IS 2101—CE: Geology & The Human Experience in the American Southwest (May Session)

            IS 3010—CE: UMM May Session in Russia

            IS 3020—CE: Italy and Austria: Brunnenburg and Beyond (May Session)

All of these CE courses are likely to be offered again, but the primary "audience" is not the current UMM day school student and therefore should not appear in the catalog. At this time there are no changes being proposed to any of these courses, either.


If you have any questions about any of these offerings, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I plan to be at the meeting on November 6th to respond to questions about Continuing Education courses.




C: Nancy Helsper, Karen Van Horn, Karen Ellis






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