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10 Sept. 02



I. Give complete UMM catalog entry (see instructions).


Engl 2013f. Introduction to Drama. (Hum; 4 cr; prereq 1011 or equiv; not offered 2004-05)

An introduction to critical reading and analysis of dramatic literature.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

This is a counterpart to the current Intro. to Poetry, covering another major literary genre and offered for majors and/or non-majors.


III. Other Course Information

First semester to be offered:

Fall 2003

Principal Faculty Sponsor(s):

Gretchen Minton

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Laboratory sections


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IV. Assessment Information

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To acquaint students with a range of drama and ways of critically understanding and writing about it. The course may serve as a basis for further work in English and/or reading more generally.


How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?


Students will write several analytical papers and participate in class discussions. They may also have exams and/or short exercises to demonstrate their understanding of the course content.


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