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10 Sept. 02



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Engl 2202s. British Literature Survey II. (Hum; 4 cr; 1011 or equiv, 1131)

Readings in English poetry, prose, and/or drama from the 18th century to the present. Specific authors vary.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

A combination of two separate courses (students could take one or both), British Romanticism and Victorian-Modern, reducing the number of survey courses so as to streamline major requirements at this level, allowing students to complete the British Lit. survey in two rather than three semesters (students almost never took all three in the past). Moves required surveys from the 3xxx to the 2xxx level, providing a clear distinction between specialized topics at the 3xxx level and the broader subject matter in a survey course.


III. Other Course Information

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Spring 2004

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Dwight Purdy, Brad Deane

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To provide familiarity with the later periods of British literature in a historical context, and to provide a wide range of British literature against which specialized courses at the 3xxx level may be better understood.


How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?


Students will participate in class discussions, write papers, and may take exams to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material.


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