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12 September 2002



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Engl 3158f. Milton. (Hum; 4 cr; prereq 1131, two from 2201, 2202, 2211, or 2212; not offered 2004-05)

Concentrating on Paradise Lost but also reading some of John Milton's other poetry and prose tracts, students will study the works of Milton, with particular attention to their political and religious context. Course material also includes some readings from earlier authors (such as Augustine) who influenced Milton's view of history and theology.


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This is an elective designed to give majors an opportunity to study a specialized area of literature.


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Fall 2003

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Gretchen Minton

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To engage in reading and discussion of Milton's works in order better to understand his writings, their context, and their impact upon English literature.


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Students will be evaluated based on regular quizzes, contributions to class discussion, and analytical papers that demonstrate critical engagement with these texts.


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