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Hist 3031. Cross-Cultural Contacts in the Medieval World. (IP; 4 cr; offered when feasible.) Examination of the economic, cultural, religious, and political contacts between Europe, Asia, and Africa in the period 1000-1500.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

This course is intended to strengthen UMM‘s offerings in global history – currently only offered at the 1xxx level in large survey courses – by offering an upper-division course, in a small, seminar-format class, on a more focused period of world history, to allow students to pursue global history in more depth. It extends the concept of the global society to earlier periods of history and allows students to uncover some of the earliest roots of relationships still shaping the world today.

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Spring 2003

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Anna Dronzek

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To teach students to read primary sources closely, to synthesize scholarly literature on a topic, to gain an appreciation of a diversity of cultures and to compare and contrast those cultures, and to place their understanding of historical societies in a broader context.

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Through student performance on 5 brief quizzes, 4-5 short papers, and participation in class discussion.

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