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Interdisciplinary Studies

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IS 2001Hf. Traditions in Human Thought. (Hum; 2 cr; prereq admission to the Honors Program)

A study of a selection of significant works from history, literature, philosophy, science, and religion across continents from the earliest writings to the present day. Critical reading, writing, and discussion in an interdisciplinary context are emphasized.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

This course will serve as the required, introductory course to the honors program. The requirements for the honors program will include a set of courses that address topics with approaches or methodologies of substantially disparate disciplines., team taught by a faculty from different divisions when possible. By critically discussing and writing about great texts from various disciplines that address a variety of subjects, this course will provide the foundation for the specific, interdisciplinary courses defined around a particular theme that will constitute the remaining Honors curriculum. It is also hoped that by maintaining a fairly constant reading list over several years, students who take this course as sophomores will share an intellectual heritage with all other members of the honors program.


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Fall 2003

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Ericksen, Finzel, Togeas

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IV. Assessment Information

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There are two major goals: 1) to provide an introduction to and a critical framework for understanding some of the seminal works in liberal learning; and 2) to assist students in attaining an interdisciplinary perspective on those works to provide a foundation for further interdisciplinary work in the Honors program.


How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?



Class discussions are to be a central feature of the class and should reveal student’s grasp of the texts and connections among them. Regular short papers will also help demonstrate students’ understanding of individual texts.

Students will also be asked to write an essay addressing whether they are satisfied with their mastery of the material and the degree to which the instructors and reading list aided or impeded their progress.


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VI. Honors Rationale

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