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IS 3201H. Ideas of Order in the Medieval World. (Hist; 2 cr; prereq participation in the Honors program or #)

An examination of ways of constructing and perceiving order in the Middle Ages, primarily from scientific, literary, and historical perspectives. Topics will include ideas of universal and natural order, moral/spiritual order, religious order, social order, and artistic order.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

The course was offered provisionally to great success. It offers a juxtaposition of perspectives--scientific, literary, artistic, and historical--not found in any other course on campus, and a chance for honors students to work together in a seminar environment. Student interest in the Middle Ages is attested by full (and overflowing) enrollments in existing medieval classes in several disciplines.


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James Togeas, Anna Dronzek, Janet Schrunk Ericksen

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The course seeks to promote an interdisciplinary perspective on the Middle Ages, specifically on ideas of universal, religious, and social order. By reading about, discussing, and completing various projects on subjects such as cosmology, medieval romance, and feudal order (this is a just a sample), students should be able to make connections that will both help them to understand the period better and serve as a sophisticated grounding for subsequent study of the period in any discipline and/or for understanding of a single subject’s history .

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Classroom discussion and written assignments.

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The inter-relation of topics, the seminar format, and the various projects required will encourage students to explore connections that they might not otherwise make or would largely have to make on their own if they approached each topic independently.