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Psy 4660f,s. Empirical Investigations in Health Psychology I. (SS; 2.0 cr; prereq 2001 and either 3501or 3521, #; no cr for 4660 until 4760 completed; repeatable)

Seminar instruction on topics of student and staff interests. Students will complete an empirical project and paper. Includes lab. First half of a series; students must enroll in Psy 4760 to complete the project.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

Health psychology-related research projects have been conducted under the "Empirical Investigations in Social Psychology" course designation. With the addition of a new faculty member that specializes in another social psychology-related field (e.g., organizational behavior), it's become necessary for the course designations to more accurately reflect the foci of research. Further, this addition will make the option of research in health psychology more readily apparent to students. This course designation will

not affect faculty load or restrict offerings in other areas of the major in any way.


III. Other Course Information

First semester to be offered:

Fall 2003

Principal Faculty Sponsor(s):

Jeff Ratliff-Crain

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Yes; no maximum

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Directed Research


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Laboratory sections


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IV. Assessment Information

Please state clearly and briefly the GOALS of this course.


Students, through the development of an empirical research project, will further develop skills relevant to psychology: Reading and understanding existing research; articulating issues in a measurable way; working through an Institutional Review Board process; expressing their work and ideas in clear ways consistent with APA style.


How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?


Students will need to submit their research project for review by the University's Institutional Review Board, requiring clear justification for the project and full description of the intended project. The quality of this application (not necessarily its acceptance) is one portion of assessment. In addition, their demonstrated understanding of the research process and relevant literature, represented in their writings and discussions, will serve as further assessment. Final assessment comes with

completion of their research and research paper, during Psyc 4760, at which point a grade will be assigned.

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