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Wellness and Sports Science

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I. Give complete UMM catalog entry (see instructions).


WSS 2321.CE: Group Fitness Instructor Training. (2 cr, additional tuition required; course not included in UMM tuition band; subject to minimum enrollment requirement; S-N only)

Study of the principles and foundation of group exercise leadership and instruction and the development and progression of all components of an exercise program including movements, choreography, health screening and assessments, and prevention of injuries common to an exercise program. Preparation for national certification examinations in aerobics instruction.


II. Rationale (see instructions):

The rationale for this course is to provide UMM students and community adult students the opportunity to learn about and become skilled at group fitness instruction. Upon completion of the course, students will be prepared to take a national certification examination in Aerobics Instruction and be able to work as a group fitness instructor at public and private facilities. Emphasis will be placed on general principles of exercise, types of group exercise programs, leadership, strength and flexibility training and instructor responsibilities in the areas of injury prevention, emergency procedures and legal and professional issues.


III. Other Course Information

First semester to be offered:

Spring 2003

Principal Faculty Sponsor(s):

Tammy Moen

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Physical Education


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Laboratory sections


Recitation/discussion sections

IV. Assessment Information

Please state clearly and briefly the GOALS of this course.


Goals of the course are to prepare students to teach group fitness and to qualify for national certification for aerobic instruction.


How will you ASSESS the success of this course in achieving the GOALS described above?


The course will be assessed by observations of skill development, critiques of required reading, quizzes and examinations, journal entries, a final class project and class attendance.


V. GER Exception Request

If no GER category is being designated for this course, give rationale for exception:

As in the case of other WSS courses, there is not a general education requirement category in which this course fits.

VI. Honors Rationale

If an Honors course, please outline how your proposed course will fit the Honors Program guidelines.