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Wellness and Sport Science




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   I.     Introductory Statement:

This discipline is in the Division of Education.

  II.     Objectives:

Objectives—This curriculum helps students develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and prepares them for athletic training and/or employment as public school athletic coaches a lifetime of service as sports management and coaching professionals.

  III.     Assessment:


IV.     Requirements for a Major:


  V.     Requirements for a Minor:


VI.     Requirements for Teacher Preparation:


VII. Other heading (include heading title) :

The statement, "Varsity coaching requirements completed," is added to the transcript of students who complete:

WSS 1101—First Aid
WSS 2102—Human Anatomy
WSS 2111—Kinesiology
WSS 2112—Exercise Physiology
WSS 2121—Prevention and Care of Injuries
WSS 3201—Coaching and Internship

two credits from:
WSS 2201—Baseball Coaching
WSS 2202—Basketball Coaching
WSS 2203—Football Coaching
WSS 2204—Softball Coaching
WSS 2205—Track and Field Coaching
WSS 2206—Volleyball Coaching
WSS 2207—Wrestling Coaching
WSS 2208—Soccer Coaching

Athletic Training
Admission to the Athletic Training Education Program:
During fall semester of the freshman year, students are expected to attend an application meeting to begin the application process. Applications must be submitted to the Athletic Training Education Committee by the end of the fifth week of spring semester for entry to the program fall semester of the sophomore year. Enrollment in the Athletic Training Education Program is limited. The decision to admit is made during the spring semester, before fall registration.

Students transferring from another school must be admitted to UMM before admission to the Athletic Training Education Program can be offered. It is recommended that these students seek academic planning advice from a member of the Athletic Training Education Program before the semester in which admission to the program is sought.


Requirements for admission include the following:
1. Completed application packet.
2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
3. Completed observation experience
4. Approval of the staff based on an interview, recommendations, and assessment of the observation experience.

The statement, "Athletic Training Education Program Completed," will be added to the transcript of students who are admitted to the program, complete the following coursework:
WSS 1051—Fitness for Life
WSS 1052—Societal Issues in Health and Wellness
WSS 1101—First Aid
WSS 2001—Advanced Topics in First Aid
WSS 2002—Pharmacology in Athletic Training
WSS 2003—Nutrition
WSS 2004—Psychological Aspects of Sports
WSS 2111—Kinesiology
WSS 2112—Exercise Physiology
WSS 2121—Prevention and Care of Injuries
WSS 3001—Advanced Athletic Training
WSS 3002—Medical Aspects
WSS 3003—Rehabilitation of Injury and Disease
WSS 3004—Therapeutic Modalities
WSS 3005—Organization and Administration of Athletic Health Care
WSS 3006—Practicum in Athletic Training I
WSS 3007—Practicum in Athletic Training II
WSS 4901—Senior Seminar
Biol 2102—Human Anatomy
Biol 4102—Human Physiology
and the required practical/observation hours.

Upon completion of the Athletic Training Education Program, students are eligible to sit for the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification Examination.

Sports Management

The area of Sports Management focuses on contemporary sport as a product of social, psychological and economic phenomena.  Course work in the Area of Concentration in Sports Management addresses such topics as ethics and sport, psychology of sport performance, lifetime fitness and health, philosophy of sports, sport facilities and equipment, sport promotion and sport injuries.

Suggested requirements for Area of Concentration in Sports Management

(See information on Area of Concentration.)


Area of Concentration Requirements

WSS 1051-Fitness for Life

WSS 1052-Societal Issues in Wellness and Health

WSS 1101-First Aid

WSS 2102-Human Anatomy

WSS 2111-Kinesiology

WSS 2112-Exercise Physiology

WSS 2121-Prevention and Care of Injuries

WSS 2401-Sociological Aspects of Sports

WSS 2402-Psychological Aspects of Sports

WSS 3210-Internship in Wellness and Sport Science (4-8 cr)

WSS 4101-Planning and Programming of Athletic Facilities

WSS 4102-Organization and Administration of Athletics and Recreation

Mgmt 2101-Principles of Accounting I

Mgmt 2102-Principles of Accounting II

(Mgmt Chris checking)

Mgmt 3201-Marketing Principles and Strategies

Stat 1601-Intro to Stats


Two of the following Courses:

WSS 2201-Baseball Coaching

WSS 2202-Basketball Coaching

WSS 2203-Football Coaching

WSS 2204-Softball Coaching

WSS 2205-Track and Field Coaching

WSS 2206-Volleyball Coaching

WSS 2207-Wrestling Coaching

WSS 2208-Soccer Coaching



One of the following Courses:

Spch 1000-Variable Topics in Introduction to Public Speaking

Spch 1051-Intro to Public Speaking

Spch 1061-Interpersonal Communication

Spch 1071-Intro to Groups


Note: Up to four credits of D may be used to meet the area of concentration requirements if offset by a sufficient number of higher grades to meet the minimum requirement of a cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all courses included in the area of concentration.