University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, Minnesota


September 13, 2000; 8:00 a.m.; Behmler Conference Room

Present:           Bos, Carlson, DeJager, Evans, Finzel, Gooch, Kissock, Korth, Lee, Mooney, Nellis, Neuharth
Absent:            Chabel, Ostrowski, Thielke, Urness

[In these minutes: committee responsibilities, CC fall semester schedule, deadlines for catalog revisions, inclusion of summer and intersession courses and quarter prerequisites in the catalog.]

INTRODUCTIONS: Korth opened the meeting by having CC members introduce themselves and explaining his status as chair of the committee until a dean has been hired.

COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITY: Korth mentioned that the bylaws outlining the responsibilities of the committee were sent with the agenda for informational purposes. There were no questions or comments.

MEETING TIMES AND DATES: Korth referred to the tentative schedule sent out with the agenda, which would set the CC meetings for Wednesdays at 8:00 AM. This time slot would conflict each week with a CC memberĺ─˘s schedule. The next best day and time would conflict with two committee membersĺ─˘ schedules. Korth will consult with a committee member who was not present to determine if their schedule was flexible, thereby allowing the CC to alternate meetings between two different days or times so no single member would be excluded from all the meetings.

CATALOG REVISION YEAR: Korth noted that because this is a catalog revision year, the CC would be meeting weekly beginning in the middle of October. The Campus Assembly will meet around the 15th of November to review the catalog revisions approved by the Curriculum Committee. If there is a significant amount of work to complete before that date, the CC may be required to meet more than once per week. [Mooney distributed copies of the catalog deadline schedule to the committee members.] Korth noted that the catalog proof pages are due by December 1 on the Twin Cities campus.

Korth reminded the committee of the new course proposal/revision forms that are to be used, and that the Form C has been replaced with either Form NC or Form RC. Form RC is a more compact form, eliminating excess paper. The form is completed electronically, so the form can be as long or as short as the preparer requires.

Kissock offered to submit the proposals from the Division of Education first since that division would most likely be the first division ready. Kissock mentioned to the committee that this would be a major year for change with the teacher education requirements being moved from separate disciplines to the secondary education discipline. He stated that each discipline will approve the changes for their courses. Kissock said all the changes would be brought forward within Education rather than each discipline bringing their changes separately. Korth stated that each discipline would still need to bring the change to the text from where it was moved. He also requested a description of the licensure program.

Korth requested that the other division chairs have an idea by the next meeting of when they will be ready to present the proposals from their division.

CATALOG RELATED QUESTION[S]: Korth wished to ask the committee a question that was not included on the agenda. The additional question, discussed first, was if the quarter prerequisites should be dropped from the course descriptions. Currently, each course with prerequisites initially lists the quarter prerequisites and then the semester prerequisites. In fall 2001, fourth year seniors will have had all but their freshman year under the semester system. Is it necessary to continue to list the quarter prerequisites for the new catalog?

A committee member mentioned that the prerequisites would not be on the APAS reports. Would there be any reason the quarter prerequisites should be recorded somewhere? It was noted that the prerequisites would be posted on the web. Students could also find the prerequisites in the semester conversion book, copies of which could be found in the Academic Advising office. Another member noted that if the semester prerequisites were listed, the reader could make the translation that there would also be quarter prerequisites. Also, upper division students that would most likely be taking courses with prerequisites would have the information available in the 1999-01 catalog that they would be graduating under.

A member suggested that each discipline could choose to leave the quarter prerequisite in if they desired. A committee member stated that consistency was important, that a reader might assume there was no quarter prerequisite for a particular course if they see one listed for some courses but not for others.

MOTION:      (Kissock, Gooch) To remove quarter prerequisites from course descriptions for the 2001-2003 catalog.

VOTE:            In favor--9;      Opposed--2

The CC discussed the next question on the agenda, whether summer and intersession courses should be printed in the catalog. The curricular change forms for University College ask the proposer to indicate if a course is to be listed in the day school catalog. Korth wondered if there were compelling reasons to have a standard for summer and/or intersession course listings. Mooney indicated that the Twin Cities has assigned specific designators for summer and intersession courses that are to be listed in the day school catalog. Committee members discussed the inability to predict in advance consistently and/or accurately what summer or intersession courses will be taught. If it is not possible to identify in advance all the courses that will be taught, their listing in the catalog would be of dubious help to the students. The listing should remain as an option to the proposer.

ANNUAL REPORT: Korth mentioned that the 1999-2000 Annual Report was included with the agenda to provide background information for new CC members and also for the members to review for unfinished business or business that should be returned to.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 a.m.
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