University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, MN


November 1, 2000 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room

Present Korth, DeJager, Neuharth, Carlson, Gooch, Evans, Behrens, Chabel, Mooney, Nellis, Thielke, Ostrowski, and Urness

Absent Finzel, Lee and Kissock

DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS: Political Science and Psychology addenda for the Humanities Division curriculum change packet were distributed at the beginning of the meeting.

Korth indicated that the CC committee would discuss the WSS Revisions and an additional Form RC from Math to clean these up while waiting for additional committee members to attend.

Neuharth explained that total credits in the "Athletic Training Education Program" .

dropped by 3 so as to stay under the 40 credit limit. This was achieved by dropping the credits on three specific topics, which resulted in the need to alter the range of credits in topics credits. The NC form is also now included for course 4901.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Wellness and Sports Science.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (8-0-0)

Korth asked to review the RC form for Math revisions # 11,12 and 13 for Math courses 3501, 3402 and 4901. On course revision #13 the credit designation was changed from 0-1 to just 1.

A CC Member questioned if there would be a problem with the 40-credit limit. Korth said "No".

                    MOTION: (Understood) ? To approve the curriculum change in Mathematics.

                    VOTE: Unanimous (9-0-0)

Nellis discussed the problem with the statement "offered when feasible" and it will be corrected. The Discipline is meeting today and will discuss the issue along with the issue of the apparent exclusiveness of the mention of "British and American" literature in the objective section.

It was noted that a lot of the English courses do not have GER designations. For example, on pages 3 and 4 Shakespeare does have a Humanities designation but other courses do not. Nellis questioned then what categories should they be fulfilling. The CC Member noted that when GER came into being it was understood to be more the exception than the rule that courses dont have a GER designation. Nellis thought that applied to lower division courses mostly. The Member noted that it was to include all courses.

Korth noted that it was his understanding that if a course matches a category then it should have a designation. He asked committee members whether they wanted to if this hold up approval of English over this issue. It was suggested that the committee approve what has been submitted but ask English to reconsider GER designations.

Another Member questioned the inconsistency of Senior Seminar credits across the campus. Most are 0-1 credits, some are 2 and this is 4. Why do other disciplines have less than English does? Nellis noted that it appears to depend on the credits available in each discipline to attach to Senior Seminar. Korth noted that he hoped it would have to do with the amount of work associated with the Senior Seminar. He also noted that Senior Seminar is viewed differently by different disciplines. It looks like English Senior Seminar requires more participation. Another Member noted that Speech also has a Senior Seminar that requires more work. The Member that raised the question decided that it should not hold up the approval but that it should be addressed sometime with the 40-credit limit.

                    MOTION (Understood):To approve the curriculum changes in English with assumption that English will look at GER designations.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-00)

Nellis indicated that most of the changes are editorial with changes in class descriptions.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in European Studies.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

Nellis noted they have a new faculty member and some revisions are being done based on that, - mainly changes in course titles and descriptions and adding a French play. A CC Member questioned the rationale for striking teacher licensure. Korth noted that all teacher preparation requirements are moved to the education section of the catalog.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum changes in French.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

Nellis indicated the changes are mostly editorial, just one course description and title changed to reflect a more accurate description.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in German.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

Nellis indicated that there are not many changes, a course is being added and there are some editorial changes. Korth brought up the phrase on Course #1350 "May be taken for French credit", it seems vague, is it counted in the French major? Nellis noted that the reasoning for the phrase was that the student can take the class for the French Major. She doesnt think it would be a problem to change the wording to make it clear. CC members discussed and suggested language indicating it may be used as an elective in the French major. A CC member noted that the French major allows electives at the 3XXX and 4XXX level courses but this is a 1XXX level course; does it also apply to the French minor and would it be better to specify this in the French major. Korth asked if we could hear back from French about this. A member also questioned that the addition of a course that was not reflected on the 1st page. Mooney and Korth both noted that it is a topics course and topics courses are not included.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Humanities assuming the problem phrase will be fixed.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

Nellis noted that Music is doing a lot of editorial changes and they now have an orchestra conductor. A CC member noted that Keyboard is being dropped from Theory and there is a requirement of proficiency in piano. Another CC member noted that the math on Form A is correct and reflects a change in credits of basic from 4 to 3.5. Carlson reminded committee members that some changes were made last year that do not show up here. Music 3400 Opera is repeatable to 4 credits instead of 8. This was passed last spring at Campus Assembly.

A CC member asked why the American Jazz Styles course would be only offered when feasible. Nellis explained that the faculty that teaches that course also teaches the Methods course and with Methods needing to be offered they need to stop doing overloads. The member questioned how many take the Methods course; Carlson said anywhere from 6-12, while around 60-75 students take American Jazz Styles. The enrollment tradeoff was questioned. Korth indicated the same could be said of any small upper division courses because we could teach a lower division with higher enrollment. Methods are not being treated differently.

Korth noted on the page at the end of the Music packet of forms the request for a change on page 58 of the catalog, the addition of a course to the series.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Music.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

Nellis indicated the changes are mostly editorial. DeJager noted that the year not offered was not updated, they will be outdated if published as is. Korth noted with amusement that courses are said to have been revised to meet the 350-character limit, yet RC #8 got longer.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Philosophy assuming the "not offered" problem will be resolved.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (9-0-0)

Nellis noted the changes reflect what is already happening. A CC Member questioned if Intermediate Russian could be taught. Nellis stated that the person teaching Beginning Russian does not feel comfortable teaching Intermediate Russian. A CC Member noted that there may be more demand thatn the numbers reflect. Nellis stated that the German Faculty also really feels they need this instructor in the off years.

Another CC Member commented that Biology has stated "offered even years or odd years" to avoid changing the catalogs. Nellis noted that would make sense.

                    MOTION (Understood):  To approve the curriculum change in Russian.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)

Nellis noted editorial changes.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Spanish.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)

Nellis noted the changes are mostly editorial. A CC Member questioned if the Qtr pre-req. will be corrected. Mooney stated she would be doing global searches to correct these changes.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Speech Communications.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)

Nellis noted that the teacher preparation was moved to Education.

                    MOTION (Understood): To approve the curriculum change in Theater.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Korth asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the last Curriculum Committee Meeting which
                                                   was held on October 25, 2000.

                    MOTION (Understood) Motion made to approve the minutes and seconded.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)

Korth reminded everyone that the Curriculum Committee will meet again tomorrow-same time and place.

Meeting adjourned 8:53 a.m.
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