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November 2, 2000 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room

Present Korth, Lee, De Jager, Carlson, Gooch, Evans, Mooney, Nellis, Thielke, and Urness
Absent Finzel, Kissock, Neuharth, Chabel, Ostrowski, and Behrens
Guest: Pareena Lawrence

DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS: A replacement Form B for the Womens Studies curriculum and the agenda for todays meeting were distributed at the beginning of the meeting.

Lee summarized the proposal for the CC. Most of the changes are due to staff changes, while a few are continuing adjustments to semester conversion.

Anthropology is proposing a major. The Anthropology faculty is aware that it takes time for the Regents approval.

Thielke noted that the Regents will be approving new programs at their next meeting however, there will not be sufficient time to get this approved before they meet. Lee asked if it would have to wait until next November and Mooney thought the Regents might look at new programs twice a year.

Lee described the rationale for proposing a major in Anthropology. Students have been lost because there is no regular Anthropology major. In the past 4 years 19 students received a major in Anthropology through an Area of Concentration.

In any liberal arts college anthropology is standard, but because of staffing it could not be done here. The discipline now has a third position through Bridge funding.

Korth questioned if the CC should approve the new major for the catalog, and can the new major be printed in the catalog before Regents approval because it would be unwise to print the major in the catalog before approval. Another questioned proposed was if CRPC should look at this proposal before it is sent to Campus Assembly? A CC member noted that this had been done in the past. CC members discussed the possibility of conditionally approving the major and sending the proposal to CRPC for recommendation but the CC decided to have the statements "Suggested requirements for area of concentration" and "Suggested requirements for area of emphasis" in the catalog instead of listing a major and a minor. Also the catalog could contain a notation that the major/minor is pending.

A CC member questioned the reinstatement of "Culture and Biology" and where the form is. It is course #3202 and Lee will check on this. Korth questioned the teacher preparation statement and Mooney indicated that it was agreed on previously by CC that one standard statement would be used for all disciplines.

Korth stated that with no other questions the approval is with the understanding that there will be a change in Form B to reflect area of concentration and emphasis.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum change in Anthropology.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

Lee indicated there are most changes from 2 credits to 4 credits. Korth questioned the statement in the list of major requirements "or their equivalent", what does their
refer to? Is it the two math courses and is it clear? Lawrence stated it appears to mean that other statistics courses could be substituted. After considerable discussion of ideas for clarification an agreement was reached to list the equivalent statistics course (2601) as an alternative to Stats 1601 and keep the phrase "should be completed in the first two years".

A member again brought up the standard statement for teacher preparation.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum change in Economics.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

Lee pointed out that one course was being deleted.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum change in History.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

Lee summarized that staffing changes were responsible for many of the changes being proposed. Also, some 2-credit courses have collapsed into 4-credit courses.

In Management there are now two emphases, Finance and Global Business, made possible by current staffing. Lawrence said the faculty want a very strong Management in a Liberal Arts setting. They want a strong interdisciplinary program that taps into other resources on campus. Right now they require a foreign language and in the future will be adding quantitative methods, math and statistics. They want to make the program stand out; no other college has this type of program.

One member questioned how that change would fit with management programs at the graduate level. Lawrence responded that it would have no effect.

Korth noted that the last two courses 3501 and 3502 are double listed with math. He asked Lawrence whether she was aware that it has been changed to spring only. Lawrence agreed. Korth indicated then that the "f"s need to be stricken.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum changes in Management.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

Lee indicated that Political Science 1101 would remain as a required course. A member questioned the credit count on Form A and that the total credits taught should read 16 instead of 20, as this appears to be an error, Lee agreed. Korth asked why the net change in courses taught was +4 when there are seven NC forms and no course deletions on Form RC. Korth also asked that there are seven NC forms, are any courses being deleted. It was noted that some are topics courses and they are not counted.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum changes in Political Science.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

Lee noted that there are new materials. Originally there was one page of change then other changes were added. Three 2-credit courses are being changed to two 4-credit courses. A member asked if the workload would match the credits. Lee noted that it would.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum changes in Psychology.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

A member asked what are the differences between the old and new versions? Mooney noted that on Form B there is a deletion of a paragraph at the end of the section on major requirements. Another member questioned that if more Womens Studies classes are created is there a provision to be able to count them in the major? A member indicated that this is already permitted in the Womens Studies major requirements section.

                    MOTION: (Understood) To approve the curriculum changes in Womens Studies.

                    VOTE: Unanimous in favor (7-0-0)

Meeting adjourned 8:52 a.m.
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