University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, MN





November 8, 2000 8:00 a.m. Moccasin Flower Room


Present            Korth, Lee, De Jager, Carlson, Gooch, Mooney, Nellis, Thielke, and Neuharth

Absent             Finzel, Kissock, Chabel, Ostrowski, Behrens, Evans, and Urness


DISTRIBUTION OF MATERIALS: Korth distributed a corrected version of the proposal for the 40-credit limit to be changed to a 48-credit limit.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Korth asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the last two Curriculum Committee (CC) meetings, which were held on November 1, 2000 and November 2, 2000.


            MOTION: Motion made to approve minutes and seconded.


Discussion on the November 1st minutes to summarize the third sentence of the first paragraph under the Russian heading to read "A CC member noted that there may be more demand than the numbers reflect."


VOTE: Unanimous in favor for November 1, 2000 minutes as amended and

  November 2, 2000 minutes (10-0-0)


Korth presented the proposal for changes in the IS 1051 course description. The new course description will be more accurate.


            MOTION (Understood): To approve changes in IS 1051.


            VOTE:  Unanimous in favor (6-0-0)


Korth presented the proposal for IS 1033, which is being re-titled and redesigned to more accurately reflect the course emphasis. Also presented was a proposal for WSS 1332, with a description change that gives a more elaborate course description.


            MOTION (Understood): To approve changes in IS 1033 and WSS 1332.


            VOTE:  Unanimous in favor (6-0-0)


Korth presented the proposal for the change in course IS 1001 which is currently labeled "Common Experience" to be changed to "First Year Seminar" to avoid confusion with Continuing Education which now uses CE designation.


MOTION (Understood): To approve the name change in IS 1001.


            VOTE:  Unanimous in favor (6-0-0)


Korth presented the change in wording for Degree Requirements on catalog page 56 in the last paragraph to take out the exception statement and replace it with "general education designator may". There was considerable discussion regarding the word "may" and if it should be changed to "must" and also considerable discussion regarding the change in wording and the exceptions. No agreement was reached and this will need to be discussed at a later time, as there is not sufficient time for discussion and revision before campus assembly meets for approval.


            NO MOTION/NO VOTE


Korth presented a revised change in the 40-credit maximum to allow a 48-credit maximum. This would accommodate students who take a variety of courses to find where their interests lie and apply introductory courses that would not normally count toward the major requirement credit limit. Another member noted this is a sensible change and the students should have latitude for follow-through because they are advised to take a variety of courses. Another member noted that this did come as a recommendation from the Scholastic Committee.


MOTION (Understood): To approve the credit limit change as presented.


            VOTE:  Unanimous in favor (6-0-0)


Meeting adjourned 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Karen Van Horn


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