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FOR 2000-01



The Curriculum Committee (CC) held 17 regular meetings during the academic year 2000-01.  There were nine (9) meetings during fall semester, and eight (8) meetings during spring semester.




Catalog Revision: Korth noted that this is a catalog revision year and CC would be meeting weekly beginning mid-October. Deadlines are mid-November for Campus Assembly approval of catalog changes approved by CC and December 1 for catalog proof pages due to the Twin Cities campus. Korth reminded committee members that Form C has been replaced with Form NC or RC.


Kissock mentioned to the CC that this is a major change year for Education with Teacher education requirements being transferred from separate disciplines to Secondary Education.


CC approved not including quarter prerequisites in the new catalog and the information would still be available in academic advising. Summer and intercession courses will be optional for the instructor/discipline to include in the new catalog.


Teacher Education Licensure Requirements: Kissock responded to a question from a CC member about moving teacher preparation requirements from the discipline sections to secondary education. Kissock explained that the change would make it easier for education students to find all of the licensure requirements in one place. It may also be helpful in explaining the education program to students and to accrediting agencies. Korth noted another reason for the move was that licensure areas had changed significantly and were no longer aligned as closely with UMM disciplines as they were in the past. Language in the catalog will be standardized to direct students from the individual majors to the teacher preparation requirements.


Topics Courses: Discussed the approval process for topics courses, the form used and the complexity of the issue. Once the umbrella course has been approved, faculty are free to create specific courses under that umbrella without approval.  We are finding more and more that the GER or some other aspect of the specific course differs from the umbrella.  The variations in the specific courses then need approval and information is needed to set up the courses in PeopleSoft and ECAS (the web database). If the topic course does not differ from the umbrella, then the form does not require approval.  The advantage of having topics courses is to be able to get new courses into the system quickly.  That advantage is lost if the specific topics differ from the umbrella course and have to go through Campus Assembly. The purpose of topics courses is to make it easy to offer a course that might only be offered once.  However, even one offering of a course requires information to get the course into the system. Discussed approval of the use of the Form TC for topics courses with the understanding that it comes to the CC only if the course differs from the umbrella course. The approval of the TC form was tabled.


Degree Requirements: Proposal of a revised change in the 40 credit limit maximum to allow a 48 credit maximum.  This would accommodate students who take a variety of courses to find where their interests lie and apply introductory courses that would not normally count toward the major requirement credit limit. This came as a recommendation from the Scholastic Committee. The motion was passed.


Fall Semester Curriculum Proposals:

         Passed:  To approve the following curricular change proposals.

            * Proposals were editorial or regarding the corresponding Form B unless otherwise specified

                  Division of Education

                        Elementary Education Form B

                        Elementary Education NC Forms:

                                    ElEd 3101H  Honors: Teaching and Learning Strategies

                                    ElEd 3111  Practicum I: Experience in the Elementary Classroom

                                    ElEd 3201  Preprimary Theory and Pedagogy

                                    ElEd 3202  Middle Level Theory

                                    ElEd 3211  Practicum II: Field Experience in a Preprimary Setting

                                    ElEd 3212  Practicum II: Field Experience in a Middle Level Setting

                        Elementary Education RC Forms:

                                    ElEd 3101  Teaching and Learning Strategies

                                    ElEd 3103  Mathematics in Elementary School (credit change)

                                    ElEd 3104  Art in the Elementary School (deleted course)

                                    ElEd 3105  Music in the Elementary School (deleted course)

                                    ElEd 3106  Physical Education in the Elementary School (deleted course)

                                    ElEd 3201  (Intersesion) Kindergarten Education (deleted course)

                                    ElEd 4103  Science and Health in the Elementary School

                                    ElEd 4107  Health and Physical Education in the Elementary School

                                    ElEd 4111  Practicum III: Beginning Student Teaching

                                    ElEd 4112  Practicum IV: Experience in the Elementary School

                                    ElEd 4203  Directed Student Teaching in Kindergarten

                        Secondary Education Form B

                        Secondary Education NC Forms:

                                    EngE 4102  Methods of Teaching Communication Arts & Lit. in Middle School

MthE 4102  Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Middle School

                                    SciE 4102  Methods of Teaching Science in Middle School

                                    SScE 4102  Methods of Teaching Social Science in Middle School

                                    SeEd 4103  Practicum: Experience in the Middle and Secondary School

                                    MgtE 4103  Methods of Teaching Business in Middle and Secondary School

                                    ThE 4103  Methods of Teaching Dance and Theater Arts K-12

                        Secondary Education RC Forms:

                                    SeEd 4101  Block I: Teaching the Middle and Secondary Student

                                    SeEd 4102  Block II: Teaching and Learning Strategies

                                    ArtE 4103  Methods of Teaching Art K-12

                                    EngE 4103  Methods of Teaching Communication Arts and Lit.

                                    LanE 4103  Methods of Teaching Foreign language K-12

                                    SThE 4103  Methods of Teaching Speech and Theater Arts in the Secondary School

(deleted course)

                                    MthE 4103  Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School

                                    SScE 4103  Methods of Teaching Social Science in the Secondary School

                                    SciE 4103  Methods of Teaching Science in the Secondary School

                                    SeEd 4201  Directed Student Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School

                                    SeEd 4202  Directed Student Teaching in the Middle and Secondary School

                                    SeEd 4204  Directed Student Teaching in International School and the Middle and

Secondary Level

                        Wellness and Sport Science NC Forms:

                                    WWS 4901  Senior Seminar

                        Wellness and Sport Science RC Forms:

                                    WSS 1101  First Aid

                                    WSS 2000  Variable Topics in Wellness an d Sport Science I

                                    WSS 2111  Kinesiology

                                    WSS 2121  Prevention and Care of Injuries (credit change)

                                    WSS 2208  Soccer Coaching

                                    WSS 3000  Variable Topics in Wellness and Sport Science II

                                    WSS 3003  Rehabilitation

                                    WSS 3004  Therapeutic Modalities

                        Division of Humanities

                        Art History RC Forms:

                                    ArtH 3101  Art of Ancient Greece

                                    ArtH 3111  Art of Ancient Rome

                                    ArtH 3121  Medieval Italian Art

                                    ArtH 3131  Northern Renaissance Art

                                    ArtH 3141  15th Century Italian Renaissance Art

                                    ArtH 3151  High Renaissance Art

                                    ArtH 3161  16th  Century European Art

                                    ArtH 3171  Baroque Art

                                    ArtH 3181  Rococo to Revolution

                                    ArtH 3191 American Art to 1900

                                    ArtH 3201  19th Century European Art through Post Impressionism

                                    ArtH 3211  Early Modern Art: Symbolism to Surrealism

                                    ArtH 3221  20th Century Art: 1945 to the Present

                                    ArtH 3231  History of Photography

                                    ArtH 3241  African American Art

                                    ArtH 3251  Pre-Columbian Arts of the Americas

                                    ArtH 3261  Chinese Art

                                    ArtH 3271  The Art of Japan

                        English Form B

                        English NC Forms:

                                    Engl 3041  Chaucer

                                    Engl 3041H  Honors: Chaucer

                                    Engl 3331  African American Literature

                                    Engl 3341  Chicana/o and U.S. Latina/o Literature

                        English RC Forms:

                                    Engl 1021  Introduction to Creative Writing

                                    Engl 1031  Imagining Contemporary America

                                    Engl 1100  Variable Topics in Interpreting Literature

                                    Engl 1101  The Novel Since 1960 (deleted course)

                                    Engl 1102  The Environmental Imagination

                                    Engl 1103  The  Novel on Page and Screen (deleted course)

                                    Engl 1104  Backgrounds to Literature (deleted course)

                                    Engl 2011  Introduction to Poetry and Poetic Language

                                    Engl 2021  Analysis of Drama and Short Fiction (deleted course)

                                    Engl 2101  Journal Writing (deleted course)

                                    Engl 3001  Advanced Expository Writing

                                    Engl 3011  Advanced Creative Writing

                                    Engl 3021  Grammar and Language

                                    Engl 3031  Shakespeare

                                    Engl 3050  Variable Topics in Literature and Language I

                                    Engl 3101  Medieval to Renaissance in  English Literature

                                    Engl 3111  British Romanticism: Origins and Influence

                                    Engl 3121  Victorian and Modern British Literature

                                    Engl 3131  The English Novel

                                    Engl 3141  Irish Literature From 18th Century to Present

                                    Engl 3201  The Pluralistic Roots of US Literature

                                    Engl 3211  New Visions of US Literature

                                    Engl 3221  Development of the Novel in the US

                                    Engl 3301  Multicultural Literature

                                    Engl 3311  Native American Literature

                                    Engl 3321  Women’s Literature

                                    Engl 3401  Modern British and American Poetry

                                    Engl 4000  Senior Seminar in Literature and Language

                                    Engl 4001  British Fiction From 1900-1930 (deleted course)

                                    Engl 4002  Spenser and Milton (deleted course)

                                    Engl 4003  The Works of Herman Melville (deleted course)

                        European Studies Form B

                        French Form B

                        French NC Forms:

                                    Fren 3012  French Play

                        French RC Forms:

                                    Fren 3021  Modern France

                                    Fren 3041  Francophone Worlds

                                    Fren 4100  Variable Topics in French

                        German RC Forms:

                                    Ger 3501  Women’s Issues in Contemporary German Culture

                        Humanities NC forms:

                                    Hum 1304  French Women Authors in Translation

                        Humanities RC Forms:

                                    Hum 1300  Variable Topics in French Literature and Culture

                                    Hum 1350H  Honors: Variable Topics in French Literature and Culture

                        Music Form B

                        Music RC Forms:

                                    Mus 1042  Fundamentals of Music

                                    Mus 1043  American Jazz Styles

                                    Mus 1101  Core Studies I: Music Theory

                                    Mus 1102  Core Studies I: Music Theory II

                                    Mus 1340  Orchestra

                                    Mus 2101  Core Studies II: Music Theory III

                                    Mus 2102  Core Studies II: Music Theory IV

                                    Mus 3220  Advanced Individual Performance Studies

                                    Mus 3400  Opera Workshop

                                    Mus 4101  Form and Analysis

                        Philosophy Form B

                        Philosophy RC Forms:

                                    Phil 1101  Introduction to Philosophy

                                    Phil 1111  Philosophical Skills

                                    Phil 1121  Introduction to Philosophy of Religion

                                    Phil 2101  Introduction to Symbolic Logic

                                    Phil 2111  Introductory Ethics

                                    Phil 2112  Professional Ethics

                                    Phil 2131  Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

                                    Phil 3121  Political Philosophy

                                    Phil 3131  Philosophy of Law

                                    Phil 3151  History of Ancient Philosophy

                                    Phil 3161  History of Medieval Philosophy

                                    Phil 3171  History of Modern Philosophy

                                    Phil 4100  Variable Topics in Moral Issues and Theories

                                    Phil 4111  Ethical Theory

                                    Phil 4901  Senior Philosophical Defense

                        Russian RC Forms:

                                    Russ 1001  Beginning Russian I

                                    Russ 1002  Beginning Russian II

                        Speech Communications Form B

                        Speech Communications RC  Forms:

                                    Spch  1061  Interpersonal Communication

                                    Spch 3200  Variable Topics in Public Address

                                    Spch 3401  Human Communication Theory

                                    Spch 3411  Intercultural Communication Theory and Research

                                    Spch 3421  Organizational Communication Theory and Research

                                    Spch 4901  Speech Communication Seminar

                        Studio Art NC Forms

                                    ArtS 2000  Variable Topics in Digital Art

                        Studio Art RC Forms:

                                    ArtS 2050  Advanced Ceramics

                        Division of Science and Math

                        Biology Form B

                        Biology NC Forms:

                                    Biol 3701  Biological Communications

                                    Biol 4181  Developmental Biology

                                    Biol 4191  Freshwater Biology

                        Biology RC Forms:

                                    Biol 1051  Wildlife Biology

                                    Biol 1101  Freshman Seminar in Biological Principles (credit change)

                                    Biol 4121  Herpetology

                                    Biol 4131  Vertebrate Natural History

                                    Biol 4211  Biochemistry

                                    Biol 4211  Biochemistry lab

                        Chemistry Form B

                        Chemistry NC Forms:

                                    Chem 4xxx  Bioorganic Chemistry

                                    Chem 450x  Theoretical Chemistry

                                    Chem 450x  Molecular  Spectroscopy

                        Chemistry RC Forms:

                                    Chem 1111H  Honors:  General Chemistry  (deleted course)

                                    Chem 3101  Analytical  Chemistry

                                    Chem 3111  Instrumental Analysis

                                    Chem 3502  Physical Chemistry II (credit change)

                                    Chem 3701  Inorganic Chemistry (credit change)

                                    Chem 3801  History of Chemistry (credit change)

                                    Chem 3811  Macromolecules (credit change)

                                    Chem 4xxx  Synthesis (topics to regular)

                                    Chem 4100  Variable Topics in Analytical Chemistry (deleted course)

                                    Chem 4300  Variable Topics in Organic Chemistry (deleted course)

                                    Chem 4500  Variable Topics in Physical Chemistry (deleted course)

                                    Chem 4700  Variable Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (deleted course)

                                    Chem 47xx  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (topics to regular)

                        Computer Science Form B

                        Computer Science NC Forms:

                                    CSci 3902  Seminar I

                                    CSci 3903 Seminar II

                        Computer Science RC Forms:

                                    CSci 4400  Variable Topics in Computing Systems

                                    CSci 4500  Variable Topics in Theory

                                    CSci 4600  Variable Topics in Programming and Languages

                                    CSci 4650  Variable Topics in Programming and Languages

                        Geology Form B

                        Geology NC Forms:

                                    Geol 1012  Oceanography

                                    Geol 2001  Field and Research Methods in Geology I

                                    Geol 2301  Geology of Minnesota (was approved by CC in Spring 2000 but not

approved by Campus Assembly until Fall 2001)

                                    Geol 3001  Field and Research Methods in Geology II

                        Geology RC Forms:

                                    Geol 1011  Geology of National Parks

                                    Geol 2111  Igneous and Metamorphic

                                    Geol 2121  Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

                                    Geol 2131  Geomorphology

                                    Geol 2141  Glacial and Quaternary Geolgoy

                                    Geol 3101  Structural Geology

                                    Geol 3111  Introduction to Invertebrate Paleontolgy

                                    Geol 3196  Geology Field Camp

                                    Geol 3401  Geophysics

                                    Geol 3411  Advanced Stratigraphy

                                    Geol 3421  Airphoto Interpretation

                                    Geol 3501  Hydrology

                                    Geol 4110  Advanced Invertebrate Paleontololgy (deleted course)

                                    Geol 4120  Advanced Sedimentology: Depositional Systems

                                    Geol 4130  Advanced Geomorphology

                                    Geol 4140  Advanced Glacial and Quaternary Geology

                        Math Form B (removal of all Statistics courses to new discipline)

                        Math NC Forms:

                                    Math 2301  Mathematical Perspectives

                                    Math 3221  Analysis

                                    Math 3231  Abstract Algebra

                        Math RC Forms:

                                    Math 2201  Pure Mathematics I (deleted course)

                                    Math 2211  History of Mathematics

                                    Math 3201  Pure Mathematics II (deleted course)

                                    Math 3211  Geometry

                                    Math 4201  Complex Analysis

                                    Math 4211  Real Analysis

                                    Math 4221  Topology

                                    Math 4231  Abstract Algebra II

                                    Math 4241  Number Theory

                                    Math 4250  Variable Topics in pure Mathematics

                        Physics Form B

                        Physics NC Forms:

                                    Phys 3501  Statistical Physics

                        Physics RC Forms:

                                    Phys 2101  Modern Physics

                                    Phys 2201  Circuits and Electronic Devices

                                    Phys 2202  Electronics (deleted course)

                                    Phys 3000  Variable Advanced Topics in Physics

                                    Phys 3101  Classical Mechanics

                                    Phys 3201  Mathematical Methods in Physics

                                    Phys 3301  Optics

                                    Phys 4101  Electromagnetism

                                    Phys 4201  Quantum Mechanics

                                    Phys 4901  Senior Thesis

Statistics Form B (proposal for new discipline)

                        Statistics RC Forms:  (all courses were moved from the Math discipline)

                                    Stat 1601  Introduction to Statistics

                                    Stat 2501  Probability and Stochastic Process

                                    Stat 2601  Statistical Methods

                                    Stat 2611  Mathematical Statistics

                                    Stat 3601  Data Analysis

                                    Stat 3611  Multivariate Statistical Analysis

                                    Stat 4601  Biostatistics

                                    Stat 4650  Variable Topics in Statistics

                                    Stat 4901  Senior Seminar

                                    Stat 1993, 2993, 3993, 4993  Directed Study

                        Division of Social Science

                        Anthropology Proposal for New Major and Form B

                        Anthropology NC Forms:

                                    Anth 3900  Variable Topics in Anthropology Seminar

                                    Anth 3901  Who Owns the Past?

                                    Anth 3902  Cultural Representations in Mainstream Cinema

                        Anthropology RC Forms:

                                    Anth 2101  Physical Anthropology

                                    Anth 2401  Traditional Native American Cultures and Societies (deleted course)

                                    Anth 2403  Variable Topics in American Indian Cultures and Societies:

                                                American Indians in the Cinema (change in GER category)

                                    Anth 2405  Variable  Topics in American Indian Cultures and Societies:

                                                American Indian Education (change in GER category)

                                    Anth 3411  Seminar in Anthropological Methodology

                        Economics Form B

                        Economics NC Forms:

                                    Econ 1111  Principles of Microeconomics

                                    Econ 1112  Principles of Macroeconomics

                                    Econ 3151  Urban and Regional Economics I

                                    Econ 3152  Urban and Regional Economics II

                        Economics RC Forms:

                                    Econ 1101  Principles of Economics (deleted course)

                                    Econ 1951  Seminar for Social Science Majors

                                    Econ 3000  Variable Topics in Economics (poss. of additional credits)

                                    Econ 3121  Public Economics I

                                    Econ 3122  Public Economics II

                                    Econ 3131  Comparative Economics Systems

                                    Econ 3141  Economic Development and Growth I

                                    Econ 3142  Economic Development and Growth II

                                    Econ 3201  Microeconomic Theory

                                    Econ 3202  Macroeconomic Theory

                                    Econ 3211  History of Economic Thought I

                                    Econ 3212  History of Economic Thought II

                                    Econ 4111  Mathematical Economics I

                                    Econ 4112  Mathematical Economics II

                        History RC Forms:

                                    Hist 3201  Variable Topics in European National History: Radicalism

                                                and the 17th Century English Revolution (deleted course)

                        Management Form B

                        Management NC Forms:

                                    Mgmt 3133  Managerial Accounting

                                    Mgmt 3221  Management and Organization Theory

                                    Mgmt 3601  Transnational Enterprise

                                    Mgmt 4101  Investment and Portfolio Analysis

                                    Mgmt 4200  Variable Topics in Managerial Economics

                                    Mgmt 4500  Topics in Global Business

                                    Mgmt 4600  Variable Topics in Finance

                        Management RC Forms

                                    Mgmt 2201  Principles of Management (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3101  Financial Management

                                    Mgmt 3111  Investment and Portfolio Analysis I (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3112  Investment and Portfolio Analysis II (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3121  Managerial Economics I (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3122  Managerial Economics II (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3131  Managerial Accounting I (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3132  Managerial Accounting II (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3141  Business Law I

                                    Mgmt 3142  Business Law II

                                    Mgmt 3151  Human Resource Management I

                                    Mgmt 3152  Human Resource Management II

                                    Mgmt 3161  Labor Management Relations I

                                    Mgmt 3162  Labor Management Relations II

                                    Mgmt 3201  Marketing Principles and Strategy

                                    Mgmt 3301  Management Science

                                    Mgmt 3401  Organizational Behavior (deleted course)

                                    Mgmt 3501  Applied Deterministic Modeling for Management Science

                                    Mgmt 3502  Applied Probabilistic Modeling for Management Science

                                    Mgmt 4896  Internship

                                    Mgmt 4900  Variable Topics in Management Research (deleted course)

                        Political Science Form B

                        Political Science NC Forms:

                                    Pol 1301  Comparative Politics

                                    Pol 3266  Variable Topics in American Politics: Media and Politics

                                    Pol 3453  Variable Topics in International Relation: Russian Politics and

                                                Foreign Policy

                                    Pol 3504  Variable Topics in Comparative Politics: Latin American


Pol 3505  Variable Topics in Comparative Politics: Military and Political


                                    Pol 3506  Variable Topics in Comparative Politics: Government and

                                                Politics of Africa

                                    Pol 3507  Variable Topics in Comparative Politics: Political Violence

                        Political Science RC Forms:

                                    Pol 1101  Introduction to Political Science

                                    Pol 3101  Political Science Analysis

                                    Pol 3201  Legislative Process

                                    Pol 3211  The American Presidency

                                    Pol 3221  Judicial Politics

                                    Pol 3241  Political Parties and Interest Groups

                                    Pol 3251  Political Parties and Voting Behavior

                                    Pol 3262  Variable Topics in American Politics: Minorities and Public Policy

                                    Pol 3263  Political Psychology

                                    Pol 3264  American Political Culture

                                    Pol 3264H  Honors: American Political Culture

                                    Pol 3301  Contemporary Political Ideologies

                                    Pol 3401  Foreign Policy

                                    Pol 3451  Variable Topics in International Relations: Comparative Foreign Policy

                                    Pol 3502  Variable Topics in Comparative Politics: Government and Politics of


                        Psychology Form B

                        Psychology NC Forms:

                                    Psy 3302  Personality

                                    Psy 3313  Psychopathology

                        Psychology RC Forms:

                                    Psy 3301  Personality I: Dimensions and Assessment (deleted course)

                                    Psy 3311  Personality II and Psychopathology I (deleted course)

                                    Psy 3312  Psychopathology II (deleted course)

                        Women’s Studies Form B

                        Women’s Studies RC Forms:

                                    IS 1001  First-Year Seminar: Human Diversity (change in GER category)

                        Interdisciplinary Studies

                        Interdisciplinary Studies RC Forms:

                                    IS 1033  Writing Workshop: Growing Up American

                                    IS 1051  Introduction to College Learning Skills

                                    WSS 1332  Intermediate Jazz Dance


                                                SPRING SEMESTER


Allowing Multiple GER Designations: Committee members discussed whether there is a need to permit multiple GER designators on courses. Members were not convinced that a serious problem exists. It was suggested that, in some cases, students and advisors might need to plan better. No action was proposed.


Attendance Requirements:  Undisclosed class time requirements were discussed and a subgroup proposed the following resolution.


                                    Resolution on Outside of Class Time Commitments


Whereas a significant number of courses offered at UMM include time commitments that are above and beyond the regularly scheduled class meeting times and are either mandatory or strongly recommended, such as TA sessions, film showing, and attendance at campus events, and


Whereas these time commitments are currently not identified in the printed Course Catalog, Course Schedule or in the online version of these publications with any kind of consistency, and


Whereas students are not made aware of these extra requirements until they receive a course syllabus or possibly later in the term, posing unexpected scheduling conflicts, and


Whereas some notice prior to registration would have substantial informative value for students by providing them with an accurate indication of the time required for the course, and


Whereas the Curriculum Committee has clear authority to oversee the composition of course approval forms and class bulletins, we resolve that the following measures be taken:

1.  The form used for submitting a class to the Course Schedule is amended to allow faculty to indicate that they would like the listing of their class to contain the caveat “Outside of Class Time Commitment”.

2.  The faculty be advised that “You should consider advising students of and Outside of Class Time Commitment if:

a.  The out of class time is more than twenty minutes a week for a significant portion of the semester (i.e. discussion groups, TA sessions, etc) or


b.  The portion of the grade that is contingent upon the out of class time is 10% or more of the final grade or


c.  There is a serious commitment that could interfere with a student’s life (i.e. field trip or service learning commitment) or


d.  You feel that a student would be well advised that there will be necessary and scheduled commitment outside of published class times.”

3.  The faculty should also be advised that failure to note an out of class time commitment does not mean that the faculty member is unable to schedule activities as they see fit.  The purpose of the annotation is to inform the students and can be subject to change.


4.  The Course Schedule contain the warning to students, “A class that is indicated to have an Outside of Class Time Commitment means that the faculty member feels you would be well advised to note that the class requires some scheduled and organized activity outside of the times listed (i.e. discussion groups, films, field trips or service learning commitments).  You should be advised of that fact and plan accordingly.  Contact the faculty member listed if you wish to know the specific nature of the time commitment.  Failure to note a time commitment in the Course Schedule does not bar a professor from requiring such activities.”


At a later meeting, the resolution was approved with the understanding that the wording should be changed to “outside of regular class time”.


GER Exceptions:  In the catalog under GER designations, ElEd, SeEd, WSS and accounting courses in management were excluded.  There was considerable discussion why these are excluded and whether they should continue to be excluded. A motion to amend page 56 paragraph three, second sentence of the catalog to read: “with the exception of accounting courses in management, internships in interdisciplinary studies, and courses in elementary education, secondary education and wellness and sports science that do not have GER designators.” was passed.


Honors Program:  The following changes to the Honors Program were proposed:


The Honors Program represents an opportunity for UMM students to enhance their education and work toward graduation “with honors”.  All UMM students are eligible to participate in the Honors Program.  Applications are available at the Honors Office, 321 Community Services.  Students wishing to register for an honors course must be enrolled in the Honors Program.  If spaces remain in an honors course at the end of registration, non-honors students may enroll with the permission of the instructor.


To graduate “with honors”, participants must (1) complete one honors course per year of participation; (2) participate in four honors co- and extracurricular activities per year of participation; (3) complete the mentor/student program; (4) successfully complete a senior honors project (which counts as an honors course), Morris Academic Partners (MAP ) project, or an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) project; (5) participate in service projects with other Honors students amounting to at least 8 hours a semester, plus and independent service project; (6) keep a journal of all projects, classes, events, and activities of the Honors program and (7) earn A’s for half of their UMM credits.  Transfer students who wish to graduate from UMM “with honors” must complete the requirements expected of a student entering the program as a sophomore.  They take two honors courses, complete the senior honors project, and engage in the number of honors activities required for each year they are in the Honors Program.  Honors courses taken at another institution will count in the UMM Honors Program in the director of the program finds them equivalent.


This proposal was discussed at a general meeting of Honors students.  They felt that a community service requirement would increase community awareness among the Honors students, introduce some students to community service and to Morris, give the Honors Program more goals and more visibility, and allow Honors students to work together much more than they have before.  Also discussed were the reaction papers.  It was felt that the reaction papers should be replaced by journals.  These journals will contain each Honors student's thoughts, impressions, and development. This proposal was passed.


Hidden Prerequisites: The issue of hidden prerequisites within the majors was discussed, but no action was taken at this time.


Enforcement of Prerequisites: Extensive discussion regarding the enforcement of prerequisites. The way in which data is stored in PeopleSoft does not allow checking of prereqs without dramatically slowing down the system. UMM should be able to access the information regardless of the amount of information, the size should not be a deciding factor for not being able to access the information to enforce prereqs. It was the consensus of the CC that prereqs should be enforced, the problem is how to do it. After the discussion, the following motion was passed:

The Curriculum Committee recommends that the prerequisites be enforced and that the Registrar's Office pursues means to enforce prerequisites during registration.


It was also suggested that the course instructor be empowered to remove from any course any student who has not completed the required prerequisites.  One of the main issues concerning this proposal was financial aid. The motion passed as a recommendation to the Scholastic Committee; with 48-hours prior notice to the student, the instructor is empowered to remove from any course any student who has not completed the required prerequisites.


Educational Development Program (EDP): Korth reported that Chancellor Schuman has agreed to supplement the EDP fund of $10,000, with an additional $2000.00 for the current academic year 2000-01.


EDP Sub-committee members for 2000-01 are Jillian Evans, Jim Carlson, and Craig Kissock (chair).


The sub-committee received thirteen proposal requests totaling $29,474. The sub-committee based awards on the criteria set-aside for EDP grants and agreed that proposals that involved responsibilities above and beyond normal expectations off faculty, to add a new dimension to the UMM curriculum and have the potential for long term impact should be considered above others. Based on these criteria five proposals were recommended to Curriculum Committee totaling $12,039.70. The proposals recommended were approved for funding by the Curriculum Committee.


Approval Process of Topics Courses: After discussion about changing the approval process of topics courses a motion to approve the following proposal failed.


Because of the speed and flexibility of curricular change that is available through the provisional approval procedure, because all courses at UMM should undergo the same examination by the Curriculum Committee and the Campus Assembly, and because the current umbrella structure is causing unnecessary complexity and confusion, all new topics courses will henceforth be required to undergo the regular (or provisional) approval process. All new topics courses must be proposed through the divisions to the Curriculum Committee on Form NC. Umbrella courses will be stripped of their prereqs and GER designators since each topics course will now define its own.


New Teachers New Technology Proposal


A memo from Craig Kissock, Division of Education Chair was submitted to CC for discussion. Kissock noted that we should hear whether the grant is funded approximately May 31, 2001. The proposal would require teacher education students to purchase a laptop computer to be used throughout their teacher education and beginning years of employment. Some members raised question about the cost of the laptops falling on the students. One member stated this raises two issues, 1) the potential of a more exclusionary program for education and 2) setting a precedent for other departments. The discussion of the cost of the laptop to the student between CC members brought up issues of the cost of textbooks, lab fee, art supplies, music supplies, etc in other areas. Kissock explained that the students need laptops so UMM can keep in touch with students who are away from campus student teaching and to also keep in touch with students after they graduate. Some members again questioned the cost to students and the issue that other majors could implement similar requirements. These members stated they thought the proposal was a bad idea. Kissock explained that the cost of the laptop could go through financial aid. The grant money will be used to bring in people/faculty/consultants to help integrate the technology. No action taken.



Spring Semester Curricular Proposals:

         Passed:  To approve the following curricular change proposals.

         *Proposals were editorial or regarding the corresponding Form B unless otherwise specified.

                  Division of Education

                  Secondary Education RC Forms:

                                    SeEd 4201  Directed Student Teaching in Middle and Secondary School

                  Division of Humanities

                  Latin American Studies Form B

                  Division of Science and Math

                  Biology TC Forms:

                                    Biol 100x  Biological Rhythms

                  Computer Science NC Forms:

                                    CSci 1001H  Honors: Introduction to Computer Science

                                    CSci 1091H  Honors: Ethical and Social Implications of Technology

                        Mathematics Form B

                        Physics TC Forms:

                                    Phys 3001  Astrophysics

                  Division of Social Science

                  Economics TC Forms:

                                    Econ 4909  Political Economy

                                    Econ 4910  Financial Economics

                        History TC Forms:

                                    Hist 3103  Variable Topics in European History I: Medieval Europe

                                    Hist 3153  Variable Topics in European History II: The Balkans, Balkanization and

                                                Modernity, 1789-198

                                    Hist 3552  Variable Topics in Asian National History: History of China

                                    Hist 3704  Variable Topics in the History of Women: Women in the Middle Ages

                                    Hist 3705  Variable Topics in the History of Women: History of Ideas About


                                    Hist 3706  Variable Topics in the History of Women: Women in Early Modern


                  Psychology RC Forms:

                                    Psy 1051  Introduction to Psychology

                                    Psy 1101  Foundations of Psychology I

                                    Psy 1102  Foundations of Psychology II

                                    Psy 3101  Learning Theory and Behavior Modification

                                    Psy 3211  Biological Psychology