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January 28, 2002, 1:00 p.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           Schwaller, Johnson, Korth, Strand, Urness, De Jager, Mullin, Mooney, Evans, Demos, Lee, Hollerman, Gooch, DeVries, and Nellis.


Absent:           Thielke, Kissock, and Carlson,



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Schwaller asked for a motion to approve the minutes from November 29, 2001.


            MOTION:      (Demos, Evans) To approve minutes as amended from

November 29, 2001.


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)




            Political Science Courses


Pol 4901 Senior Research Seminar in American Government

Pol 4902 Senior Research Seminar in international Relations and Comparative Politics

Pol 4903 Senior Research Seminar in Political Theory


Schwaller asked for a motion to approve the proposed Political Science Courses. Lee explained that these courses were revised and re-approved by the Division.


            MOTION:      (Understood) To approve Pol 4901, Pol 4902 and Pol 4903.


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)


Psychology Courses


Psy 4610 Empirical Investigations in Cognitive Psychology

Psy 4620 Empirical Investigations in Biological Psychology

Psy 4630 Empirical Investigations in Personality, Psychopathology and

Psychological Intervention

Psy 4640 Empirical Investigations in Developmental Psychology

Psy 4650 Empirical Investigations in Social Psychology

Psy 4710 Continuation of Empirical Investigations in Cognitive Psychology

Psy 4720 Continuation of Empirical Investigations in Biological Psychology

Psy 4730 Continuation of Empirical Investigations in Personality, Psychopathology

    and Psychological Intervention

Psy 4740 Continuation of Empirical Investigations in Developmental Psychology

Psy 4750 Continuation of Empirical Investigations in Social Psychology



Lee explained that with semester conversion and re-examination of Psy 4610-4650 the discipline wanted to revamp the courses to a one-year series instead of one semester, which would be more conducive to student learning and the faculty. Currently due to time involved in research projects students need to carry them over into spring semester thus, the Psychology course numbers 4610 – 4650 would go to a two credit course each and the corresponding new courses 4710 – 4750 would carry the other two credits in spring semester. Lee noted that there are instances when a student can complete their research project in one semester with an internship or study abroad. Exceptions would be made in these instances.


Questions arose about the course titles, repeatable credit limit and a statement “no credit for the second course sequence until the first is completed”. Lee agreed to change the course titles to be listed as I & II, not “continuation of”. The other questions will be checked on and be done as other courses have been done in the past. Schwaller asked the Committee if they would like to send the courses back for these changes or go ahead and approve with the changes.


            MOTION:      (Understood) To approve the Psychology courses with discussed changes.


Discussion: A member asked if the second courses are changed to four credits. Mooney explained that no credits are given until the second course is completed. The student receives a  K  grade for the first course until the second is completed. DeVries noted that NCAA eligibility might be affected with the K grade because it shows up as no credits even though they would be considered “in progress”. A member questioned if NCAA looks at annual credits or semester credits? DeVries explained that this could happen although not frequently and he can look back at all courses or just the past semester.


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)



Psy 3221 Behavioral Biology of Women


Lee explained that after the discussion at Campus Assembly the Discipline discussed the prerequisite and agreed with the suggestions of Campus Assembly that any biology course would be too broad and they came up with the best course for the prereq.


MOTION:      (Demos, Korth) To approve Psy 3221.


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)



EDP Sub-Committee:


Schwaller asked for a faculty volunteer for the sub-committee. Currently Jenny Nellis has volunteered as Division Chair rep and Jillian Evans has volunteered for the student rep. Chris DeVries volunteered to be the faculty rep.


First Year Seminar Review Committee Report and Recommendations:


Schwaller explained that there were four people on the Review Committee. The first page of the handout lists the strategies and process of the review the second page is the recommendations from the review committee. Schwaller went over the objective and implementation recommendations, which were unanimously agreed upon by the review committee. There were additional questions that the review committee felt were important issues that need to be addressed and since a consensus was not reached in the review committee they felt more discussion was warranted. Schwaller suggested to the Curriculum Committee that they had three choices:

            1. CC could serve as the committee to review these issues.

            2. CC could create a sub-committee within the CC.

            3. CC could request FYS Committee to assist in putting together another committee to

    review the issues.


Schwaller also noted that it is important to get the recommendations to Campus Assembly as soon as possible even before the last meeting of the semester. Changes made would require time; possibly all next fall, to be ready for Fall 2003.


A member asked if the recommendations are approved by CC. Schwaller indicated that yes they are and then brought to CA for approval/action. A member questioned if CC has to accept all recommendations given, Schwaller noted that CC does not and can make changes if desired.


            MOTION:      (Demos, Urness) For CC as a whole to serve as the committee to review

and act on the recommendations and issues brought forward for FYS.


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)


Schwaller indicated that additional meetings may be required and documentation requested by CC about FYS will be distributed to the members. Discussion continued on some issues presented by the FYS review committee. A member questioned if allowing enrollment in FYS courses on a first come first serve basis when a student sends in their confirmation fee would cause sections to close. Schwaller responded yes and explained that exact details used to track the order of enrollment will be worked out. Another member brought up the suggestion that CC should not repeat the work of the review committee. Another member agreed and indicated that from student evaluations the students agree with the recommendations of the review committee and it would be a waste of time discuss these issues again if everyone is in agreement. A member agreed but would like to see data from FYS reviews. A member noted that some of the same issues were brought up when the course was inquiry and are still lingering issues today. CC needs to study the issues without repeating the work of the review committee; however, some repetition may be necessary. The issue of a common diversity theme was also discussed and the possibility of having a cycle for themes. Schwaller suggested that a decision be made upfront about how CC will proceed, such as taking the review committee’s recommendations and then deciding on the issues where no recommendations were made. A meeting will be set to discuss FYS and supportive materials will be distributed to CC.


Timely Submission of Course Approvals:


It was requested by the Dean’s Office that Divisions submit course approvals in a timely manner. Many courses are being received at the last minute and being rushed through. Please be aware of time issues.


Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.

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