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February 11, 2002, 1:00 p.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           John F. Schwaller, Michael Korth, Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis Craig Kissock, Jim Carlson, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Jillian Evans, Bridget Hollerman, Amanda Johnson, Michael Urness, Dorothy De Jager, Nancy Mooney, Jeri Mullin, and Ruth Thielke


Absent:           Vicky Demos and Clare Strand


Visitors:          Tom McRoberts, Roger McCannon, Judy Kuechle and two students.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Schwaller asked for a motion to approve the minutes from January 28, 2002.


            MOTION:      (Nellis, Korth) To approve minutes from January 28, 2002


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)





Kissock explained that he wanted to give CC a report on how ELTAP and the GST programs are progressing. Kissock noted that they are trying to increase participation in the programs and referred to the hand-out with the enrollment information. He noted that UMM will probably stay at about 1/3 of teacher ed student participation. ELTAP has been disadvantaged by the semester move; however, it is crawling out of the semester dip and they are now seeing competition from other study abroad opportunities. Kissock explained that ELTAP has continued with the same structure as under the quarter system where students work 11 weeks instead of the 15 weeks. This schedule seems to work well and students use their time off for directed study, work, etc. Kissock noted that they do deal with parental concerns with students teaching abroad.


Roger McCannon reminded everyone why the program operates out of his office and that the program has worked not to be at odds with the Study Abroad program. The program has grown and a good number of students in the program are not from UMM.


A member stated that he is a strong supporter of both programs and is concerned with the safety of the students. What does UMM do to protect the students?


Tom McRoberts responded and explained that there is greater concern across the University and they are pilot testing a new manual with emergency procedures. They also identify emergency plans and brief the students before they go abroad.


A member asked if the University is liable is something happens to a student. McRoberts again responded that UMM has one of the best student insurance programs and all students who go abroad are required to purchase this insurance. UMM has followed the procedures of the Twin Cities. UMM is liable but the program is being handled more responsively and the health care insurance is no longer an option, it is required.


A member questioned if GST is always a good way of teaching for students who will ultimately teach in the U.S. Does it always meet the goal?


Judy Kuechle explained that students do practicums in the American school system before students teach through study abroad. This is a good addition to learning because not one school is typical to get ready for all places. This is an added benefit to the program.




Econ 4911 & 4912

Lee explained that this is business as usual. Econ 4900 is the topic umbrella and Mooney added that these courses were coming for CC approval because the umbrella is not GER specific. Lee explained that with the turnover in Economics and that they have different faculty each semester they have more than normal number of courses being added.


            MOTION:     (Carlson, Kissock) Motion to approve Econ 4911 and Econ 4912


            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)



Provision V of the GER


Schwaller read the provision from the catalog and noted that we currently do not have the descriptions in the catalog with the exception of two disciplines. A member stated that all disciplines should have them because CA approved the descriptions in 1999. Schwaller suggested having a proposal to either include or exclude this information from the catalog. The statements are good pedagogic explanation of how computation and writing efficiency are attained in each area. The point remains whether to include this information in the catalog.


First Year Seminar Review Committee


Schwaller explained that he had received numerous e-mails regarding the issue of a First Year Seminar Review sub-committee. Schwaller proposed that rather than CC create a proposal that a faculty committee would review the outstanding five issues and make a proposal to CC. Schwaller explained that the proposal would need faculty endorsement for approval at Campus Assembly and it also might behoove CC to have faculty make a recommendation and then CC can react to it and/or make recommendations at that point.


There was considerable discussion regarding who would make up this committee and will this move the issue forward. Schwaller noted that he would like the Curriculum Committee to accept the recommendations of the First Year Seminar Review Committee and have this sub-committee address the last five issues/questions proposed by the review committee. If the scope is not limited the same issues will be readdressed. Curriculum Committee was in agreement on this issue. There was still more discussion on the make-up of the sub-committee.

A motion was made to create a faculty and student group for review of the outstanding issues of FYS and to make recommendations to CC. The committee would include 3 members from the Steering Committee, 3 Faculty from CC and 3 students appointed by MCSA.


After continued discussion the motion was tabled.


Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.

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