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March 18, 2002, 1:00 p.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           John F. Schwaller, Craig Kissock, Michael Korth, Jeff Ratliff-Crain in for Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis, Vicky Demos, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Jillian Evans, Bridget Hollerman, Amanda Johnson, Michael Urness, Dorothy De Jager, Nancy Mooney, Jeri Mullin, Ruth Thielke and Clare Strand


Absent:           Jooinn Lee and Jim Carlson



Schwaller explained to the Curriculum Committee that the changes proposed for the Humanities Division would not go into effect this fall; these will be changes implemented with the next catalog. This will be true for all Divisions and the proposed changes that have arisen from Ruth Thielke’s meetings with the Disciplines.


Schwaller reminded the committee of the progress regarding the Humanities discipline submissions. Discussion continued with Nellis revisiting the Roman numeral use in studio art courses, where appropriate, with the exception of First Year Drawing.



Nellis explained that most changes in English are those recommended and worked through by Ruth Thielke, Registrar. The English discipline has made a major effort to add GER designators to their classes. Schwaller expressed his gratitude for their effort in this area. A member questioned the description in the English objective, which states “The English program engages students in the study of British and American literature of different periods, with an emphasis on various approaches to literary study”. He would like to see it expanded to more than “British and American” and include literature of all English-speaking countries. Nellis explained that this has been an issue discussed before among the English discipline; however, the discipline does not have enough faculty at this time to teach all areas. Schwaller explained that he was opposed to having “British and American” taken out of the description as one member suggested because it would then be comparative literature and those courses generally are listed under Humanities. Nellis explained that it does say only American and is not specific to North, South, etc. There was more discussion on this matter and Schwaller explained that the catalog is for descriptive purposes and that is what this does. Changing it would say we are teaching something we are not. Kissock went on record that he takes a contrary view to limiting the description to just American and British Literature. Nellis explained that many literature courses in other English speaking areas are taught under the Humanities rubric.


A member asked to have an editorial change made to make clear the electives portion of the major requirements. After some discussion Nellis agreed to make the change for clarity. The sentence currently reads Electives: Four courses, at least two at the 3xxx and one at the 4xxx level. It will now read Electives: Four courses, at least two at the 3xxx and one senior seminar at the 40xx level. 


A member asked that Engl 1106 be removed from English and listed under the Humanities discipline. Schwaller indicated Humanities would have to re-write the catalog entry to be like other comparative literature as others in Humanities. Clarification would be needed if it were to remain in English.


Thielke asked if courses taught in the past with no GER would be retroactive to Fall 1999 for GER’s added now. It was agreed to make them retroactive as long as it will not create more than one GER per course for those earlier petitions to the Scholastic Committee.


MOTION:     (understood)   To make new GER designators in English courses, previously taught with no GER, retroactive to Fall 1999, with the understanding that a course will not fill more than one GER category for any such course petitioned to the Scholastic Committee prior to this motion for fulfillment of a GER.



VOTE:            (10-1-0)           Motion approved.


Schwaller confirmed that CC would review the entire Humanities packet and vote on it as a whole.



Nellis explained that most changes are suggestions again by Ruth Thielke in reviewing the course information with the discipline. There was some confusion why Fren 3401 and Fren 3401H are double listed under French and Humanities. A member questioned the need to double list when no course taught in English is allowed in the Major. Schwaller asked for clarification from the Discipline before approval.



Again the same types of changes appear in German, those that arose from the Disciplines discussion with Thielke.



Schwaller brought up the issue that Humanities wants to eliminate HUM 1002. CC agreed that it should keep Hum 1002 in place of ENGL 1106.



There was some discussion among the CC members that the description for the music theory classes, Music 1101 and 1102, carry a GER of M/SR. It is not clear to members of the CC how these courses satisfy the “proofs” requirement of the M/SR GER. Another issue questioned was the maximum credits for Music 1221, 1222, 3221 and 3222. Nellis explained that the credit max is 8cr.


Our next meeting will proceed with Philosophy, Spanish, Speech Communications and Theater Arts.


Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.

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