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April 1, 2002, 1:00 p.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           John F. Schwaller, Michael Korth, Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis, Jim Carlson, Vicky Demos, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Jillian Evans, Bridget Hollerman, Amanda Johnson, Michael Urness, Dorothy De Jager, Nancy Mooney, and Ruth Thielke.


Absent:           Craig Kissock, Jeri Mullin, and Clare Strand




Schwaller asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the March 4, 2002 and March 18, 2002 meetings.


MOTION:      (Korth, Carlson) To approve the minutes from March 4, 2002 and March 18, 2002.


            VOTE:            (11-0-0) Unanimously approved




The course approvals are ready however; the Area of Concentration paperwork is not quite ready and the committee agreed to table these items until it can all be presented together. These items will be on the agenda for the next meeting, April 8, 2002.





Korth explained that the Chemistry discipline is altering the major description to give two tracks, general chemistry and biochemistry. Biochemistry will be changed from an area of concentration to a track within the chemistry major and the biochemistry area of concentration will be eliminated. A member questioned how it would appear on a student’s transcript and after discussion among the CC members it was explained that a student’s transcript would appear with a Chemistry major listed. A member questioned the elimination of the chemistry honors course. Korth indicated that the intent of the chemistry discipline was to eliminate the course. Another member expressed concern over the limited choice of honors courses in the Sciences. Schwaller explained that the Honors Committee is looking at the issue.


 MOTION:     (Carlson, Hollerman) To approve the changes proposed in the Chemistry Discipline.


            VOTE:            (11-0-0) Unanimously approved



Korth explained that the proposed course of Biol 4331 Global Change Ecology is currently being offered through provisional approval. Schwaller asked if any other courses would go away now that this course would be made a standard part of the curriculum and Korth explained that NSci 1051 The State of the Planet will not go away completely but may not be offered as often due to the addition of this course


MOTION:      (Carlson, Urness) To approve Biol 4331 Global Change Ecology



A member questioned the GER designator, why Sci and not Envt. Korth explained that it fits better with Sci than Envt.


            VOTE:            (11-0-0) Unanimously approved




A corrected definition was distributed to CC members.


MOTION:      (Urness, Korth) To approve Co-Requisite and Pre-Requisite Definitions


VOTE:            (11-0-0) Unanimously approved






Nellis explained that most changes were clarification of prerequisites. Spanish 1050 is a new course being offered for the addition of Portuguese. Nellis explained that they are working slowly at expanding their offering of world languages. A member questioned the repeatability of the course. Nellis stated that the repeatability to 8 credits was intended. Questions arose of the ability to take the course four times and the necessity of creating another topic umbrella. Schwaller explained that other languages will be taught under this umbrella. Mooney explained that most umbrellas state “repeatable when topic changes”. Schwaller indicated it was acceptable to change it to “repeatable when topic changes”.



Schwaller noted that GER for Spch 4102 has been changed to “see specific topic for GER”.



Nellis explained that some descriptions were being changed and designators were being added.




Nellis explained that there were no major changes just clean-up changes.



Nellis explained that again the changes are to clean things up, no major changes.



Nellis asked to revisit the issues raised in the last meeting about the Music Theory Classes. Carlson explained that Dr. Richards, who teaches the courses, was asked to select which GER was most pertinent for what he does in the class. According to Carlson, Dr. Richards considered Symbolic Reasoning the best GER for the first year theory class. The second year of theory is taught with analyses of the creative roles of musical language and Dr. Richards selected the Hum designator as the best fit for that class.


Nellis explained that she had passed on the issues raised in English to that discipline. A member questioned if Engl 1106 Icelandic Sagas will be deleted from Engl and remain in Hum? Nellis explained that this is on hold as the discipline is working on it. Schwaller clarified that CC can act on the complete Humanities package including the Icelandic Sagas with the caveat that the issue is being worked on in the discipline. Mooney also questioned the issue previously discussed of double listing for Hum3401, Hum 3401H and Fren 3401 & Fren 3401H. Nellis will check on this issue as well and inform CC of what is decided in the discipline.


MOTION:      (Lee, Nellis) To approve the Humanities Curricular and Course

changes with the exception of the two pending issues of Icelandic Sagas and West African Francophone Cinema.


VOTE:            (10-0-1) Motion approved


Meeting adjourned 1:50 p.m.

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