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April 8, 2002, 1:00 p.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:           John F. Schwaller, Michael Korth, Jooinn Lee, Jenny Nellis, Jim Carlson, Vicky Demos, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Jillian Evans, Bridget Hollermann, Amanda Johnson, Michael Urness, Dorothy De Jager, Nancy Mooney, and Ruth Thielke.


Absent:           Craig Kissock, Jeri Mullin, and Clare Strand




Schwaller asked for a motion to approve the minutes from April 1, 2002.


Carlson asked to change the last sentence of the first paragraph under Music to read as follows: “The second year of theory is taught with analyses of the creative roles of musical language and Dr. Richards selected the Hum designator as the best fit for the class.”


MOTION:      (Nellis, Carlson) To approve the minutes as amended.


            VOTE:            (11-0-0) Unanimously approved





Nellis referred to the recommendations of the EDP Sub-committee and explained that the committee followed the guidelines set forth by CC. The sub-committee felt two proposals did not meet, or were lacking sufficient information to show, that they met the guidelines and did not approved. This year the sub-committee did an unusual thing. The members felt that in one of the EDP proposals the two faculty members grossly under funded the salary portion. There was an odd dollar amount remaining from the grants awarded and the amount available to give out. The sub-committee decided to split the difference between the two faculty members. Nellis explained that she abstained herself from the decision since the faculty members were from her Division. Nellis also stated that Dean Schwaller approved the decision of the sub-committee.


MOTION:      (Carlson, Nellis, Evans, DeVries) To approve the recommendations of the EDP Sub-Committee.


A member asked why the sub-committee felt the one proposal was under funded. The sub-committee responded that the faculty members only gave themselves an allotment of $300 each for salary, which is well below the $2000 possible.


            VOTE:            (11-0-0) Unanimously approved




Schwaller informed CC that the area of concentration proposal has been taken off the agenda and CC will move to the course approvals of new courses WSS 4101 and 4102, and revised courses WSS 1051, 2401 and 2402. A member asked for an explanation of the GER designator SS for the two new courses. DeVries explained that the courses fall under Social Science for the management portion of the course. A member asked if the discipline is expecting students to have a management prereq. DeVries stated that students might have prereqs due to the courses being at the 4xxx level and through the area of concentration where other management courses are needed. DeVries explained that the discipline has met with Division Chair Craig Kissock to set up a template for an area of concentration in Sports Management. The new courses are currently being taught as directed studies and the discipline wanted to add them as regularly taught courses. Thielke explained that if the courses are going to be open to general enrollment prereqs would be helpful. DeVries stated he would be willing to add the prereq of Mgmt 3321. A member asked if other students would be taking the classes, and DeVries indicated that is possible although it would probably be just those students in the Area of Concentration in Sports Management program.

A member expressed concern with these new courses and questioned how they fit into Liberal Arts, stating that the courses appear to be very technical and questioned implementing them here at Morris. DeVries explained that they are only adding two new courses and Sports Management does not just encompass the technical side; the area of concentration looks at how all areas of sports affect our society. Not having any athletic majors hurts UMM. This is a tool to help recruit students and set the students up for continuation into masters programs and beyond. No additional resources will be necessary for teaching these courses because the technique skills courses will no longer be offered and those faculty will be teaching the new courses. Schwaller asked if those teaching the courses will have masters degrees and DeVries indicated that they would. Lee asked if the management discipline has been asked about the prereqs. DeVries indicated that he had met with Pareena Lawrence. A member asked if the prereqs would be added and DeVries state that he would add them. There was discussion among the members that Mgmt 3201 should be the prereq for the class.


A member asked why there was no GER for Fitness for Life. DeVries indicated that there is no GER that fits the class. Mooney stated that originally the course was intended to fulfill the proposed GER of Health and Fitness, which we currently do not have.

A member questioned how many students graduate with an Area of Concentration in Sports Management. DeVries indicate that right now they have thirteen students in the program. The member stated that she is concerned with the Liberal Arts aspect also. DeVries explained that sports, recreation and fitness are a part of our lives and this is one way to bring that into Liberal Arts. Another member agrees with the former member and has concerns how the management of a sports enterprise fits into Liberal Arts and questioned if Morris’ peer institutions provide this type of program. DeVries explained that in COPLAC there are schools providing this program and only these two new courses are not being taught at UMM, all the other courses for the program are currently being taught here. Thielke explained the difference between an Area of Concentration and a Major. An area of concentration is an individualized area and students want a program that they can complete at our institution with our courses. They follow a program from another institution and at times may have to attend another school or use transfer credits for some of the required courses; however, the Liberal Arts component is completed through our general education requirements and the 60-credit requirement outside the major and sometimes we also pare-down courses with our courses so they are not so specialized. When we have a significant number of students in an area of concentration UMM needs to look at adding a program to have more control over that program. DeVries also explained to CC that after Todd Neuharth left, the discipline lost the athletic training area of concentration, which had already been approved by CC. Thielke also explained to CC that this is an area of interest to draw students to our school. We have been struggling with sports at UMM and the quality of the programs since the health programs have been dropped.

A member questioned the correct prereq for the classes, asking if it would be Mgmt 3321 as DeVries indicated or 3201 that the committee suggested. The member stated after reading both course descriptions that Mgmt 3321 would be a better fit for a prereq for the two new courses. She indicated that WSS 4201 is a take-off of the management and organization theory courses and believes this would be a better fit, CC agreed.


There was discussion among the members regarding the revised courses WSS 2401 and 2402. There was concern from one member about having a sociology course being taught in another division. Schwaller explained that the courses are currently being taught as topics courses. DeVries also explained that these courses were part of the Athletic Training program that was approved by CC. After more discussion Nellis explained that it is not appropriate for CC, as discussed at previous meetings, to decide if a faculty member has the credentials to teach the courses. Lee also expressed support of approving these courses.


MOTION:      (Carlson, Korth) To approve the proposed new courses WSS 4101, WSS 4201, and course revisions WSS 1501, WSS 2401 and WSS 2402


            VOTE:            (9-2-0) Motion approved



Nellis explained that she had clarification on some issues questioned in the Humanities proposal that were discussed at the last few meetings. In English the discipline has changed the objective to read “primarily British and American Literature.” The Icelandic Saga will be left in English. Although some members still had concerns with this, there was consensus among the members that with the addition of “primarily” to the objective this would ease the reasoning to move Icelandic Sagas to Humanities. Nellis also explained that the reason Fren 3401 and 3401H and Hum 3401 and 3401H are double listed is that in the French Major one course is allowed in English provided the writing and reading component are in French. Schwaller stated then that it is permissible to have the courses double listed.


Nellis indicated that the division looked at Hum 1151 Variable Topics in Non-Western World Lit: U.S.-Mexican Cultural/Political Relations: An Open Wound. This is a current course however, they could not find an instance where it had been taught and were therefore proposing to delete this course.


MOTION:      (Nellis, Korth) To delete Hum 1151


            VOTE:            (10-0-1) Motion approved


A member asked for clarification on the Hum package that was approved. It is her understanding that the GER designators for English retroactive to Fall 99 and the other changes won’t be effective until the next catalog. Schwaller agreed and explained that was the intention of CC with the approval of the resolution to make the GERs retroactive to Fall 99.

Meeting adjourned 2:00 p.m.

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