University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN





September 18, 2002, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present            Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jenny Nellis, Jooinn Lee, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Tom Johnson, David Bohlander, Amanda Johnson, Chris Pifer, Danielle Stuard, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager, Clare Strand and Nancy Helsper


Absent            John Schwaller


Visitors           Roger McCannon, Tom McRoberts and Ben Winchester



Korth asked for a motion to approve the minutes from September 11, 2002


            MOTION:      (Bezanson, Nellis) To approve minutes from September 11, 2002

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)





Ital 1301 Beginning Italian I

Ital 1302 Beginning Italian II

IS 3110 Rural Community Field Project: Center for Small Towns


MOTION:      (Nellis, Bezanson) To approve Ital 1301, Ital 1302 and IS 3110

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (10-0-0)



Art History

Nellis explained that the pages sent to CC did not reflect the pre-req changes made last spring. This is an oversight; the forms will be corrected before they are sent to campus assembly. The changes listed are mostly editorial. There was discussion among the members about changing the GER designators for upper division courses to something other than FA since most students will fulfill the FA through pre-reqs for the upper division courses. Nellis will point this out to the Art History Discipline.


MOTION:      (Nellis, Bezanson) To approve Art History Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)


Studio Art

Nellis explained that the Studio Art discipline is changing the major requirements from ArtH 1101 to any 1xxx level ArtH course and shifting the emphasis to 3000 level Art History courses. There is no change in the number of courses students take. Kuechle questioned if the other 1xxx level ArtH courses would cover what is taught in the principles course required for teacher licensure. Nellis indicated they would.


The description for 2nd Year Drawing will change to reflect the class focus of human anatomy. A member suggested a grammatical change in the description to make it clearer. Nellis agreed and changed the wording in the description for ArtS 2102; the description will read Allows students to use skills previously gained that relate to drawing the human form in a more individual way, integrates those skills with new ideas and explores experimental drawing directions.


Nellis stated that the changes approved last spring would carry through as they did in Art History although they may not be reflected on these forms. The copies for Campus Assembly will be corrected.


Kuechle suggested that Studio Art keep ArtH 1001 Principles of Art as licensure requirements and Nellis agreed.


MOTION:      (Bezanson, Pifer) To approve Studio Art Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis explained there was a change in Fren 3021 and 3031. The discipline was hoping to reverse the course numbers and change the titles. An issue was raised about the order of the courses and the availability of those numbers. Helsper will work on the numbering with the discipline.


Nellis presented the addition of Fren 1303 in the honors section. Another change is the shift of Fren 3401 and 3401H to the 1xxx level to attract more students. Kuechle informed CC that the language proficiency exams for teacher licensure will no longer be done by UMM because they will be handled by the State of Minnesota.

A member questioned if there were any staffing changes due to the change in courses being taught. Nellis explained that there are none due the fact that Matt Senior is no longer Director of the Honors program and is now back in the discipline full time. He had a course release for a while but does not have that any longer, another reason was that French has not been fully staffed and they have been rotating course offerings. Nellis stated she would indicate on Form A that there are no financial or staffing implications of the proposal.


MOTION:      (Bezanson, Gooch) To approve French Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis explained the changes in Hum 3401 and Hum 3401H which would coincide with the changes in Fren 3401 & Fren 3401H. The course descriptions will be corrected to reflect last spring’s changes.


MOTION:      (Bezanson, Johnson) To approve Humanities Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis explained that last year guitar lessons were added and it was so popular with beginning lessons that they wanted to add Class Guitar with individual lessons, similar to that of class piano.


MOTION:      (Nellis, Bezanson) To approve Music Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis explained the change to drop Phil 2131 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science and add Phil 2141 Introduction to Analytic Feminism. The information in Phil 2131 was not feasible for a 2xxx level course and therefore will be taught at the 4xxx level as a future proposed topics course.


MOTION:      (Nellis, Bezanson) To approve Philosophy Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis explained the courses will read offered when feasible instead of listing specific years because only one faculty member teaches this course. A member questioned the interest in expanding beyond the introductory level. As an advisor she has had students who have had beginning Russian in high school and would like to continue in the language. The member stated she was concerned about introducing students to a language they cannot pursue at UMM. Nellis explained that with language courses they are trying to go for breadth. Nellis also explained it is not feasible at this time to offer a second year of Russian due to limited resources. A rationale will be added to the form.


MOTION:      (Kuechle, Bezanson) To approve Russian Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis stated there were only minor changes. Bezanson explained that the discipline added a prereq for Speech 4100 Variable Topics in Free Speech of jr or sr status or #.


MOTION:      (Nellis, Johnson) To approve Speech Catalog Changes

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)



Nellis explained there were only minor changes and the addition of Th 2111Creative Drama with Children and Th 3000 Variable Topics in Theater Arts. Grammatical changes were discussed among the CC members for TH 1101 The Theater Experience: An Introduction. It was agreed by CC to change the last sentence of the description to read Practicum required two hours per week, selected from M-Th from 2-5:30 p.m.. (lect, 2hrs practicum). There was also discussion among the members about years offered for Theater courses. Korth suggested to approve with the understanding that specific years would be listed before it is sent to campus assembly. CC also discussed an amendment to the Major Requirements to change Th 3000 Variable Topics in Theater Arts (as approved) to read (as approved by discipline).


MOTION:      (Bezanson, Nellis) To approve Theater Catalog Changes as amended.

            VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (12-0-0)


English will be discussed at the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Karen Van Horn