University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN





October 16, 2002, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present           John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jenny Nellis, Jeff Ratlliff-Crain for Jooinn Lee, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Tom Johnson David Bohlander, Amanda Johnson, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager, Clare Strand and Nancy Helsper


Absent           Chris Pifer and Danielle Stuard



Schwaller reminded the committee of two meetings coming up that would extend beyond 9:00. Chancellor Schuman will be addressing the committee regarding study abroad on October 30th and the Honors program, along with Bart Finzel, on November 6th. Chancellor Schuman teaches class M-W-F from 8-9. He is adjusting his class schedule to accommodate his visit to Curriculum Committee. Schwaller asked that CC members make a reasonable attempt to attend these meetings.





Ratliff-Crain reviewed history changes discussed at the last CC meeting. Most changes were due to faculty changes in the discipline. The description of the requirements for the major was changed to bring in the assessment portion of the major requirement. Schwaller explained that the assessment portion is for assessment of the program not to pass or fail the student. After some discussion on the assessment issue it was suggested that “see major requirements” be added for clarification. Another issue raised was the first sentence under the major requirement because students do not officially declare a major at UMM. Schwaller asked if the committee would like to send the proposal back, accept it, or change it. A member suggested sending it back to the discipline for clarification. The issues are minor but are poorly explained for students and other disciplines. Another issue raised was when an advisor is selected. The member suggested adding “when the student applies for graduation” then we know it will be done. Schwaller asked if there is a desire to change “meet” to “must meet”. A member suggested sending it back to the History Discipline because she is not comfortable with the changes CC is making.


MOTION:     (Nellis, Bezanson) To send the proposed changes back to

 History for clarification on the last sentence, advisor issue and declaring a




Another member questioned the rational for approving Hist 3358 and Hist 3347 when it is not clear if the courses will be offered within two years. Ratliff-Crain explained that the intent is to offer the courses sometime during the next catalog. Schwaller explained that the reason for variable topic course is so they don’t have to be in the catalog. Schwaller also suggested having a task force look at the topics course issue in the spring. A member also raised the issue of consistency in the dates in course titles, using A.D., C.E. or B.C. Schwaller suggested asking them to be consistent.


VOTE:            Unanimous in favor to return History (11-0-0)



Ratliff-Crain explained that the changes here are in the major requirement phrase. All other changes are the addition of other courses from other disciplines that relate to LAAS. Schwaller noted the gender endings in Engl 3342. Nellis felt this was an error and will check with the English discipline. A member also suggested to have the language about declaring a major clarified. Helsper will research what phrases are used consistently in other areas. The was some discussion as to the wording and suggestions that it should be “initiating a major”, “starting a major”, “choose a major” or other ways to describe it.


MOTION:     (Korth, Bezanson) To take “declare a major” out of Anthropology and LAAS and substitute “choose a major” or various forms thereof.


VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)


MOTION:     (Korth, Bezanson) To take approve LAAS with clarifications.


A member questioned the need to put in the statement “1 credit per semester after declaring major” Another member questioned taking an extra credit after declaring a major. Ratliff-Crain explained that there is no minimum requirement for that other than the 1 credit. A member commented that she did not like the wording. Another member suggested Ratliff-Crain could take it back to the discipline and tell them CC did not like the wording. Schwaller also stated it could be amended after it is approved and also stated there is no mention of meeting with the advisor and that would need to be clarified in the catalog.


VOTE:            Approved LAAS (10-1-0)



Ratliff-Crain explained that the only change is in the major requirements for Intro to Psychology.


Schwaller noted the wording is felicitous for other departments needing a model as History and Anthropology.


MOTION:     (Johnson, Ratliff-Crain) To approve LAHS


VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)



Ratliff-Crain stated there were no changes except the addition of another track for new courses in a new faculty member’s area. A member questioned if an additional track will increase the number of students in management. If so there will be tremendous financial implications for students because of the public speaking requirement. The public speaking class is for freshman and sophomore students however, those students are not able to get into the class because Junior and Senior management students fill it. Schwaller noted that resources take into account the number of students taught not the number of students in a major and to say resources do not flow is not entirely accurate. Addition of resources is difficult if not problematic. Other members noted that this is an issue in other disciplines as well. Ratliff-Crain noted that students will still need to do their core requirements and there will be limitation, there will not be an explosion of management students. Thielke stated she applauds Management because these classes will also provide another track for those interested in the Human Resource side of business.


MOTION:     (Understood) To approve Management


VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)


Political Science

Ratliff-Crain mentioned that the Senior Research Seminar, which was part of the academic portfolio, is now listed as a course for a capstone requirement. There was discussion among the members regarding some courses being inactivated. It was noted that the courses would need to come before CC to be reinstated as an active course. A member questioned if the Senior Seminar course is added in the course numbers on Form A. Ratliff-Crain will get clarification on this.


MOTION:     (Ratliff-Crain) To approve Political Science with clarifications


VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)


Schwaller reminded CC that History would also come back to CC on October 30tth along with English.



Meeting adjourned 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Karen Van Horn