University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN





October 23, 2002, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:          John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jenny Nellis, Jeff Ratlliff-Crain for Jooinn Lee, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Chris DeVries, Van Gooch, Tom Johnson David Bohlander, Amanda Johnson, Danielle Stuard, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager, Clare Strand and Nancy Helsper


Absent:          Chris Pifer



Schwaller asked for a motion to approve the minutes from October 9 and October 16, 2002.


MOTION:     (Lee, Korth) To approve the minutes from October 9, 2002 and October 16, 2002 as amended.


VOTE:            Unanimous in favor (11-0-0)



Social Science Division


Ratliff-Crain went over the changes brought back to CC. Anthropology, LAAS and Sociology had similar wording about declaring a major, which has been changed to “enrolling in the major”. Another correction was the GPA in Anthropology being changed from a letter grade to a number. These disciplines were previously approved.



 Ratliff-Crain presented the History changes that CC questioned at a previous meeting. The first paragraph in the requirements for the major has been revised to clarify the timeline for students to complete the necessary requirements. The next paragraph was revised to clarify the assessment issues. Ratliff-Crain also explained that each “shall” and “will” were changed to “must”. For the sake of consistency, CE will be used for era descriptions.


MOTION:     (Kuechle, Korth) To approve History changes


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)


Ratliff-Crain addressed the concerns raised at a previous meeting about LAAS. Clarification was made that students must enroll through the LAAS coordinator. LAAS was previously approved.


Political Science

Ratliff-Crain explained an error in the previous catalog that a deleted course was left in and therefore the recount of current vs. new courses is the same because the number of current courses should have been 34 not 35. These changes were previously approved.



Ratliff-Crain stated that Form A had been corrected and the primary change is the addition of a tenure line in Psychology, which reflects the increase of courses. Additionally some courses were left out of the major requirement list and have now been corrected. There was discussion among the members about some editorial changes and the changes will be made to reflect the current editing guidelines.


MOTION:     (Korth, Nellis) To approve Psychology with changes


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)


Social Science

Ratliff-Crain explained that the current catalog uses Area of Concentration to describe the majors. These are mostly taken by Secondary Education students and will now focus in a particular area and make the focus look more like a minor without increasing the credit load. He explained that the wording used to describe the focus is now changed to mirror the minor wording. Kuechle suggested striking through CE 4103 because other methods courses are offered.


MOTION:     (Kuechle, Nellis) To approve Social Science with changes



There was discussion among the members to change the wording. A member suggested adding “within the major”. There were other suggestions by the members and it was agreed that since it is a focus the wording should be changed from “area of emphasis” to “focus”.


VOTE:            (To approve with additional changes) Unanimous (11-0-0)



Ratliff-Crain explained that there was an additional change and new copies were distributed at the beginning of the meeting. This change was the same as LAAS for enrolling in the major instead of declaring the major. There is one new course offering, some title changes, and the removal of a topics course umbrella.


MOTION:     (Korth, Kuechle) To approve Sociology changes


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)



Ratliff-Crain explained the only change was the removal of a course because there is a lack of adequate funding. Lee explained that it was taken out of the catalog because it will not be taught in the next four years however it will be added when resources are available.


MOTION:     (Johnson, DeVries) To approve Sociology changes


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)



Kuechle explained that the honors courses have been amended and pre-reqs have been cleaned up.


MOTION:     (Korth, Bezanson) To approve Education changes


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)


Elementary Education

Kuechle explained that they fixed the problems that were not corrected with the last catalog. ElEd is not adding any new courses, the wording was changed so that El Ed and Secondary Ed will read the same under state guidelines and there was a title change on one course.


MOTION:     (Korth, Johnson) To approve Elementary Education changes



Bezanson noted that the Speech department has a strong commitment to El Ed and would encourage public speaking as a required course even though there are financial implications and limited course availability.


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)



Secondary Education

Kuechle explained that there are no changes in courses. The majority of the changes are reflections of changes in the other disciplines and to bring it in line with new license requirements. A member raised the issue of the wording “Biol 1101 may be waived”. Kuechle responded that there is an agreement with Science that it will be waived. Kuechle agreed that it could be changed to “is waived” instead of “may be waived”.



MOTION:     (Korth, Johnson) To approve Secondary Education with changes


VOTE:            Unanimous (11-0-0)


Wellness and Sports Science

Kuechle explained that there is an addition of one course. Athletic Training is no longer offered as an Area of Concentration and is replaced with a Sports Management Area of Concentration. A member questioned the number of credits for 3202 that are required for the major. DeVries explained that a student can take the course for 4-12 credits with only 4-8 credits being used for the 40 max credit for the major. The course will stay at a max of 12. A member questioned the necessity of public speaking. DeVries explained that they felt it was beneficial to have the course. He also noted that currently 7 students have already been through the program. A member noted that this furthers the desire of those across campus that have a need or desire for public speaking.



MOTION:     (Korth, Johnson) To approve Wellness and Sports Science changes



A member questioned the SS designator for WSS 4101 and WSS 4102. DeVries explained that these courses have already been approved with the SS designator and they would fall under management. The issue has been discussed with Pareena Lawrence and the feedback from the Management department was that they did fit into SS for management. The member still questioned it and wanted to have it removed. There was some discussion among the members and one member noted that traditionally Ed courses did not have GERs and they have been required to add them and Education is within Social Science at other schools.


VOTE:            Motion approved (9-2-0)



Meeting adjourned 9:00 a.m.

Submitted by Karen Van Horn