University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN






April 9, 2003, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present: †††††††††† John Schwaller, Mike Korth, Judy Kuechle, Jenny Nellis, Jooinn Lee, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Van Gooch, Tom Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager, Nancy Helsper and Jeri Mullin.


Absent:†††††††††††† Chris DeVries, Blake Auler-Murphy, Laura Burbank, and Clare Strand.


Visiting:††††††††††† Tom McRoberts




Approval of Minutes

Schwaller asked for approval of minutes from March 26, 2003.


MOTION:††††† (Bezanson, Korth) To approve the minutes from

March 26, 2003.


Discussion: A member asked when the committee began not naming those speaking in the minutes. He stated that it made the minutes difficult to follow. Several members stated that a few years ago it was agreed not to have names listed.


VOTE:††††††††††† Motion passed (8-0-0)


Course approvals:

IS 3051††††††††††† Cultural and Choral Performance Tour of the British Isles

IS 3121††††††††††† Strengths-Based Theory and Practice

Engl 1124.††††††† Variable Topics in Interpreting Literature: The Short Story

Engl 3061.††††††† Variable Topics in Language & Literature:

††††††††††††††††††††††† The Novels of William Faulkner

Anth 2402 †††††† Native American Ethnography.

NSci 2061 ††††† CE: Arctic Field Ecology and Geology



MOTION:††††† (Bezanson, Johnson) To approve the proposed new courses and course changes.


Discussion: A member stated that he has serious reservations about four credit courses being taught in three weeks. A member questioned the span of the NSci course also. Tom McRoberts stated that the time span for that class is around 3-4 weeks as well. McRoberts also explained that this issue has come up before and CC may want to look at the module to decide if four credits are appropriate. This is a big issue worth examining. Instead of looking at specific courses now it would be better to look at the whole module to address CCís concerns. There was some discussion among the members regarding the number of minutes of instruction in May and summer term courses vs. fall and spring term. A member stated that he would vote against May term courses until the issue has been dealt with. The question was called.



VOTE:††††††††††† Motion passed (7-1-0)



Provisionally Approved Course information:

Schwaller stated that a report has been included with information on courses that have received provisional approval for 01-02 and 02-03. This information will be discussed at a later time.


EDP Recommendations:

Schwaller stated that the approval of the EDP subcommittee recommendations was sent out by email and it was approved on a vote of (7-0-0). EDP notification memos will be sent out tomorrow, April 10, 2003.


Adjunct Committee Reports:

Schwaller stated that CC has received three of the four adjunct committee reports. The Minority Experience Committee and International Programs Committee both recommend that the committees continue. The Academic Support Services Committee recommends that it possibly be consolidated with the Faculty Development Committee. A member who had chaired this committee at one time was not in favor of merging the two committees. Others agreed that a larger committee is not always better and the Academic Support Services committee deals with different issues than the Faculty Development Committee.


MOTION:††††† (Bezanson, Kuechle) To accept the adjunct committee reports.


VOTE:††††††††††† Motion passed (8-0-0)


MOTION:††††† (Bezanson, Johnson) To continue adjunct committees.


VOTE:††††††††††† Motion passed (8-0-0)


Schwaller noted that a report would be submitted to Campus Assembly that CC recommends that these three committees continue in their current capacity.


Provisionally Approved Course information:

A member asked about information on the report submitted. Van Horn explained that this is an internal tracking list used in the Deanís office. A member noted that the Engl courses just approved are currently topic courses that will go away with the new catalog. If they are to be offered again they will need to go for approval. Discussion on the report will continue at a later meeting.


Schwaller noted that this is our last meeting for the semester. The Teacher Education Committee report is still coming and will be submitted to CC by email if this is the only issue remaining for the semester. However, with budget concerns we may have to meet again. The tentative meeting would be April 30, 2003.


Meeting adjourned.

8:40 a.m.


Submitted by Karen Van Horn