University of Minnesota, Morris

Morris, MN





October 1, 2003, 8:00 a.m. Behmler Conference Room


Present:          John Schwaller, Judy Kuechle, Jooinn Lee, Mike Korth,

Jenny Nellis, Mary Elizabeth Bezanson, Tom Johnson,

Dave Roberts, Laura Burbank, Ruth Thielke, Dorothy DeJager,

Nancy Helsper and Jeri Mullin.


Absent:          Chris DeVries, Danielle Thibido, and Jackie Thorvaldson,


Visiting:         Tom McRoberts



A member questioned why the votes are reported are as number votes when voice votes are taken. The member suggested stating “approved by voice vote” or “approved by voice vote with opposition”. Schwaller stated this could be done but Campus Assembly wants to see number of votes. The committee will now vote by a raise of hands. A revision was made to the minutes to clarify the first paragraph of the discussion of the Teacher Education Committee report.


            Motion: (Bezanson, Nellis) To approve minutes as revised.


            Vote:  Motion carried (9-0-0)



Schwaller read for the committee the charge of the Teacher Education Committee as stated in the By-Laws. This is for information only.



Schwaller stated that there is now available online a form that looks like ECAS in pdf format and rtf format. These forms can be completed, saved and sent electronically. A member had three areas of concern. The first question is about the statement in the instructions that says, “If no semester is indicated after the course number, no assumptions can be made about the term of offering”. Schwaller stated that the assumption is that it is offered every semester if left blank. A member stated that when the original instructions were created this was done to encourage faculty to add the indicator. No action taken.


The member’s second area of concern is why contact hours are not used in ECAS. It was explained that the report on contact hours is generated from PeopleSoft and no information is gathered from ECAS regarding contact hours. A member indicated that when courses do include their contact hours for the course it is listed in the description. The third area of concern the member had was the listing of grading options on the instruction form. This was an oversight and will be corrected. Schwaller reminded everyone that two formats of the course form are available; pdf for those who have the full version of Acrobat and rtf for those who need to use Word.



Pol 3201 Legislative Process: This course is being changed from a 4xxx level to a 3xxx level course. As a 4xxx level course students were under the impression that this was a Capstone-type experience. This course is intended to be widely accessible to all upper division students in Political Science.


            Motion: (Johnson, Bezanson) To approve Pol 3201.


            Vote:  Motion carried (9-0-0)


Psy 3403 Developmental Psychology III: Adulthood, Aging and Death

The course now has a learn & serve component added and therefore changes the GER from SS to E/CR.


            Motion: (Lee, Kuechle) To approve Psy 3403.


Discussion: The issue was raised that this type of change in the midst of a new bulletin will create confusion for some students.


            Vote:  Motion carried (9-0-0)


Geog 2001 Problems in Geography. This course is being changed from a 1xxx course to a 2xxx course because the workload does not correspond with a 1xxx level course.


            Motion: (Bezanson, Kuechle) To approve Geog 2001.


            Vote:  Motion carried (9-0-0)


A member stated that this course is a requirement for secondary education licensure and is listed in other places of the catalog. The course will be changed in the next catalog. Members suggested including a statement that the course is: designed for students seeking secondary education teacher licensure.


            Motion: (Bezanson, Kuechle) To approve Geog 2001 as amended.


            Vote:  Motion carried (9-0-0)


Topics Courses and Provisional Approval.

Schwaller read the revised proposal that had been sent out by e-mail. He explained that these proposals go hand in hand. Mike Korth has added a third proposal that will go along with the other two.


Proposal I

All courses must receive Curriculum Committee approval (either provisional or regular) before being offered.


Proposal II

Courses receiving provisional approval may be offered a maximum of two times. If a course is to be offered a third time, it must be presented to the Curriculum Committee for regular approval in time for Campus Assembly approval to be granted before the third offering.


Proposal III

All variable topics courses xx00 will either be converted to course cluster headings or else be eliminate from the catalog, as each discipline thinks best.


A member questioned if this change would be in effect with the next catalog. Schwaller explained that the approval of the issues would be immediate and the changes would be in the next bulletin.


The proposals will be considered for vote at the next meeting.


Meeting adjourned 9:00


Respectfully submitted,

Karen Van Horn